66/80cc 2-Stroke Dual Window Piston #3


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Please note that this listing is for the piston only. The Piston Rings, Piston Retaining Clips, & Piston Pin will have to be purchased separately.

Tired of having to cut your ride short due to your engine overheating? Looking to give your engine performance a boost in power? If so the 66/80cc 2-Stroke Dual Window Piston is the perfect upgrade for your engine!

When a stock piston goes through its down stroke, it will typically block intake flow causing subpar cooling and a less enriched mixture to reach the combustion chamber. With the dual windowed design, this piston allows you to recapture this intake flow loss and run more efficiently.

The windowed design also allows for better lubrication to the wrist pin allowing a smoother ride and decreased degradation in parts. So, whether your looking to take your engine to the next level or enjoy a longer ride time, the 66/80cc 2-Stroke Dual Window Piston is what you have been waiting for.

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Custumer service review

I ordered Piston #2 Back in September 2021 and had forgotten about it. When I finally got around to calling them it was April 2022. I explained my situation to the person on the phone and he upgraded me to the piston number #3 immediately. I am really appreciative of him for doing that because I was beginning to think that i wasn't going to get my piston.
So I will definitely do all my Bike shopping here, unless they don't have what I need.

Joshua Plumley

Wrong part asked for return was ignored

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