66/80cc BBR Tuning Bullet Train Electric Start Engine Kit - Silver


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ryan kruszynski

Don't know ask Ryan!!!!!!!!!

Robert England

When I get all of the parts to assemble it I will be happy to let u know

Clinton Winter

Wonderful service. Quick shipment of product. Only thing was the kit was missing the bar that connects the two cranks for the widened pedals.

Terrance Dial
Awesome motor

Awesome motor. This motor has a Lotta power and Accelerates very quickly and it’s just a joy to ride

Dale Williams

Ok I have a BBR stage motor not sure what stage it was my first bike bought from and old gentlemen for a steal already built on the best frame I've found for mororiybikes I have a pair of them now.ok my bullet train one thing my cilinder turned gold when it got hot have you had anyone else say this I have the proff still that way it is the beat perfect way to motorize a bike the clutch and starting options make it all I want just cannot seem to get a CDI for 1momth or more and what with these CDI s tearing up Ive bought I think 8 and I down now for that reason that's the only reacuring prob really I have no real complaints at all just that I love my motors and bikes but the CDI issue needs addressing asap yeah love my bikes I'm about to finance one of y'all's in frame gas tank bikes like today possibly think that's all I got service good shipping well it's shipping maybe early or late never been damaged and I've bought good CDIs y'all's the beat ones 40$ I payed it lasted 2rides god my witness and maybe a month or two longest I've gotten tell me something on that cilinder issue wierd I say maybe some copper was in the mix that's the type color it turned I watched it happen first ride out that's all I got

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