66/80cc Cylinder Body


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Size: 30MM
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Engineered to optimally handle a multitude of tasks, the 2-Stroke 66/80cc Cylinder Body is one of the largest and most vital components of your motorized bike engine. Located in between the crankcase and the cylinder body cap, this part is directly responsible for a large array of tasks. From providing intake of fuel to keeping the piston compressed, this part offers the most versatility out of any other cylinder component. It even features large fins perfect for heat dispersion. So whether your cylinder body is damaged or you are looking to completely overhaul your engine, the 2-Stroke 66/80cc Cylinder Body will provide the dependability you need and the performance you deserve.

Part #5 on the Cylinder Head Diagram

This cylinder body comes in 30mm and 40mm intake manifold stud spacings.

Package includes

80cc Cylinder Body

Part Number (See Parts Manual): 1-5

30MM Intake Stud spacing: Compatible with Flying Horse and Mega Motors Engines.

40MM Intake Stud spacing: Compatible with Grubee SkyHawk Engines. Note: Will not compatible with Manic Mechanic aftermarket intake manifolds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Mathis
Easy A++++

Everything fit and as worked as it should. Actually came with stuff I didn't think was coming like gaskets and piston!! Thanks!!!!

Dean Pieropan

bike Barry S being awesome I have had no problems with them at all customer service is great and they are great and replace in parts I would recommend them to anybody

Justin Keffer

Easy to install and use. It did require honing to remove a small patch of rust/corrosion in the bore. Well worth it's price.

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