66/80cc High Performance Carburetor

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Want to turn your 2-stroke motorized bicycle into a performance racer? With the BBR Tuning 2-Stroke 66/80cc High-Performance Carburetor, you’ll drastically increase airflow and fuel delivery for more power, speed, and even better fuel efficiency out of your 66/80cc 2-stroke engine.

One of the biggest advantages of this carburetor is that it doesn't need any adjusting. This carburetor comes standard with an automatic choke that will release with throttle input once the engine is properly warmed up, and 78mm jets perfect for lower elevation racing. Just slap this carbon, fire the engine up, and in minutes you’ll feel increased acceleration and torque.
When your motorized bike’s in need of more power, this High-Performance Carburetor will have you flying down the track faster than ever.


Parts #13-15, 22-26, and 33-50 on the Fuel Components Diagram

The big advantage of using the High-Performance Carburetor is that it doesn't need any adjusting; you just slap it on and fire the engine up. Increases acceleration and top speed substantially. It has an automatic choke to realize the system.

Note: Throttle cable end will more than likely need to be filed down to accommodate the carburetor housing.


  • 78mm Jet Carburetor
  • 59mm diameter connecting filter
  • The semi-automatic strangler starting system

*This carburetor does not work in High Altitudes due to having the jet needle stationary.

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Customer Reviews

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John Moles
Racing carb

Love it. Hands free choke. Hit the gas & dont have to worry about taking your eyes off the road or burning your hand it's gas and go they should all be that way

Ron McAteer
More top end on your two-stroke

Hello fellow Motorbike Builders!
I have a couple two-stroke Motorbikes and like we all do, built it stock, when I first started building Motorbikes! With a few simple modifications I went from 18 mph in stock form, to 42 mph max speed! I took the Head off, then the jug. I used a Dremel tool to grind the intake and exhaustports larger to .080 total…. .040 on all sides of the jug. Very simple process. I purchased the big round head, The Extreme cooling head, Bike Berry sells for $74.95. WELL worth the money$$. For best results used Bike Berry‘s expansion chamber muffler they sell for $69, it works the best, stock pipes are to restrictive! The bike runs so well that I used Bike Berry’s 30 tooth sprocket, and sprocket adapter, the Aluminum one that clamps to the rear hub. Yes 30 tooth! Very nice piece! Works really well! I have tons of power, torque and top end speed! 42 mph Max to date. Thank you Bike Berry! Ron McAteer

keith anthony
It's nice.

It's nice

Ben Palmer
66/80cc High Performance Carburetor

It looks good, but I did not notice a difference in performance (it had a little more torque prior to changing out the gear after the carb swap). I also paired this with a smaller gear and flex pipe exhaust, but my 100cc still tops out at 23mph (sounds great though lol). Any suggestions on speeding it up would be helpful, I feel like I spent the money for no reason.

Bill Carter
Good fuel

This is 4 th carb best Have to lean out to about 65 jet for near Chicago Il.

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