Aostirmotor 1500W S17-1500 High-End Mountain Electric Bike

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Get over the tough terrains and ease your daily commute with the Aostirmotor 1500 W S17 High-End Mountain Electric Bike. It has a colorful digital display screen equipped on the handlebar for you to track your ride. The 48V battery helps in long-distance riding with 0 harmful emissions. Thus, ride for your health while also helping the environment.

  • Granulated Fat Tires: You can have a smooth riding experience with the S17 electric bike equipped with granulated fat tires. They provide improved grip and help you hike up and down any terrain. 
  • Color LCD Display: You can track your ride with the LCD screen displaying all the vitals like battery percentage, distance covered, pedal assist level, date, time, and more. You can plan your journey with the information available to you. 
  • Pedal Assist and Throttle: The electric bike hones a sporty look with a pedal assist and throttle system. You can activate the pedal assist with a thumb throttle placed on the handlebar. Pick from the five levels of pedal assist and confirm the level on the LCD screen.
  • 48V Brushless Motor: The bike is equipped with a brushless 48V lithium-ion battery. The battery is removable and rechargeable. You can charge it at any place of your convenience. It is covered in a box, thus, keeping safe from damaging exterior elements such as water and excessive heat. 

The Aostirmotor S 17 1500 W Mountain Electric bike is a perfect fit for people who love riding. You can use it for your day-to-day commute and weekend adventure hikes on the mountains and beaches. The granulated 26” fat tires offer amazing grip on tough terrains. You do not have to worry about sandy, rough, or patchy terrains because the tires have great traction.

Moreover, you can track your riding progress with the help of a colorful LCD. The display screen is fitted on the handlebar. It displays all the riding vitals like distance covered, time, date, battery percentage, and how much more time the battery will last so that you can plan your move accordingly.

The 1500W brushless motor assists in making a smoother riding experience by pricing the power to pedal through difficult terrains. You can easily activate the pedal-assist system by using the thumb throttle on the handlebar. There are five levels of pedal assistance to choose from on the electric bike. It helps reduce your physical effort while riding through tough terrains and easily going through it.

The 48V lithium-ion battery is fitted below the seat in a box. It is a rechargeable battery with a USB port to recharge at any convenient place. It is covered from the outside with a lightweight box that keeps the battery safe from external damaging elements. In addition, it has front and rear suspension to provide a bump-free riding experience. You can ride up to 40 km on a single charge. Moreover, it has a 7-speed derailleur that allows you to speed up and down as per the terrain and riding requirements.


  • Model/SKU No.: EB-AM-S17
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 48V 20AH
  • Range: 20 Miles
  • Tires: 26”
  • Front Suspension: Yes
  • Rear Suspension: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Motor: 1500W
  • Derailleur: 7-speed

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