Bakcou Flatlander 750W Step-Through Bafang Ultra Fat Tire Hunting Electric Bike


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Color: Matte Black
Battery: 48v/17.5AH
Sale price$3,747


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The Bakcou Flatlander step-through electric bike is a combination of power and performance. The electric bike is equipped with an aluminum alloy frame and fat tires to offer its high durability and stability. The manufacturing company Bakcou has installed wide handlebars and grips to provide maximum comfort to the rider, and fat tires offer good control on the road.

  • High Torque Motor: The Bakcou Flatlander ST bike is equipped with a 750-watt electric motor that produces high torque and offers good momentum to the bicycle. It is installed at the rear wheel of the bike.

  • Thumb Throttle: There is a thumb throttle that enables the rider to control the bike's speed while riding. All you need is to press the accelerator with your thumb, and the speed of the bike will increase.

  • Handlebars: The handlebars of the bike are made with an ergonomic design. The handlebars offer a perfect grip to the hands of the rider. Also, the gear levers, acceleration control, and LCD screen are given on the handlebars.

  • Fat Tires: Bakcou has installed 26-inch fat tires in the bike that offer high traction and control on the road. The tires have a firm grip and stability while riding straight as well as while cornering on turns.

The Bakcou Flatlander ST electric bike comes equipped with a 350-watt powerful electric motor that develops enough torque to handle 300 lbs of load. The unloaded weight of the bike is 63 lbs, but it can carry 300 lbs of load.

The motor is powered by a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that users need to charge fully before operating the bike. Once charged completely, the battery can supply power to the motor until the bike runs 40 miles of distance.

It comes with nine-speed gears that enable the rider to change the gear of the bicycle according to the road conditions and speed required. Also, there are air suspensions on the front that absorb the jerks while riding through road holes and speed breakers to offer you a smooth ride.

The tires are made of fat rubber that makes them puncture-resistant against tiny rocks on the road. However, large pins, nails, or sharp objects can still puncture the tires. The tires are made of high-grade rubber to offer a firm grip on the road. There are small mud fenders on both the front and rear tires that protect the riders from mud flakes.

A small but powerful LED flashlight is fitted right above the front wheel that offers clear visibility while riding in the dark. The bike seat is equipped with a suspension that absorbs the jerks that the riders suffer and offer smooth rides to them.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-FLRST

  • Frame: Made of 18” high-grade aluminum alloy

  • Battery: 48 volt / 14.5 Ah / 17.4 Ah / 21 Ah lithium-ion batteries

  • Throttle: Class 2/ Left thumb

  • Gears: 9 speed Hill Climbing, 40t Front

  • Handlebars: 740 mm wide handlebars for enhanced stability

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