BBR Tuning 10T Billet Precision Bearing Idler Sprocket


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This idler wheel upgrade for your bicycle motor kit will make sure that you never have issues keeping your chain in line and the right tension. Constructed from high-grade billet aluminum and a high-speed bearing, these 10 tooth sprocket pulley wheels are designed to last as well as minimize any drag on your chain so that it can spin as freely as possible. Compatible with both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine kits, these sprockets are designed to work with 415 heavy duty chains which are the industry standard for motorized bike kits. Installation is very simple, just remove your old pulley wheel and replace it with the BBR Tuning 10 Tooth sprocket and you’re ready to roll.

The 10T billet idler tensioner precision bearing sprocket with high-end roller bearings for smooth spinning of the wheel. These can be used as a replacement to your stock nylon wheel or with the Kip Springer Chain Tensioner. Either way a nice upgrade.

Compatible with 415 heavy duty bicycle engine chains.

Installation is a breeze: uninstall your idler roller from your chain idler pulley, replace with this idler sprocket, install your chain, and you're ready to roll

Includes mounting hardware and spacer!

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Welden
Works perfect!

I was having issues with the plastic chain tensioner this solved 100% of the problem I was having.

Joshua Rutledge
Must have!

This idler cut down noise while coasting and the chain runs smooth as glass

Jeffrey Wheeler

Just waiting on muffler and 8m engine mount all u guys have is 6m. How can I order 8m motor mounts


awesome upgrade Love this upgrade bought a spring loaded tensioner had to upgrade the spring but other then that its a great upgrade for your loaded chain tensior or stock chain tensioner


nice. this is 10x better then the. hard plastic.garbage the kit came with.this and the original one..theres no doubt about it...this is amust have piece..

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