BBR Tuning 12v High Performance 2-Stroke Stator Magneto


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Tired of running the lights and accessories of your motorized bike off batteries? If you've always wanted to run an accessory off of your 2-stroke bike engine like mopeds and motorcycles can, you want the BBR Tuning 12v High Performance 2-stroke Stator Magneto.

While this magneto will give you a little better spark than your stock magneto, what this magneto is best at is powering 12v accessories. Most magnetos can't handle more than 6 volts of energy, which is why they short when riders try to connect a light or 12v speaker to their 2-stroke bicycle engine. OZ magnetos like the BBR Tuning High Performance 2-stroke Super Magneto give you a huge boost of spark, but without an accessory wire they can only be used to power your engine. However, this 12v magneto's specialized wiring is designed to put out much better spark than your stock mag, and has the capacity to run any 12v accessory you want while you ride.

And the best part: it's all in 1 magneto! No need to fasten a stator to your stock mag- just swap out your mag for this one and you're ready to ride.

It's time to ditch the batteries and start riding like the big boys. When you want to take your motorized bike from a hobby ride to a full-on moped, start by upgrading your magneto to this 12v stator magneto.

Compatible with 2-stroke 48cc and 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engine kits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert Morea

It is one of the upgrades I was needing thank you guys for all your help cars back for the winter you'll be hearing from me in the spring for sure

Michel Williams
The two parts

The two parts i purchased brought my bike up 10 clicks .(NICE PRODUCT)Thank you.

Robert Martin
BBR 2 stage coil

Very good product would highly recommend

Dennis Morton

It's well built an shipping was on time as expected ,package wasn't damaged

Jack Otis

Used in conjunction with stage 2 CDI gives a strong smooth running spark

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