BBR Tuning 212cc Predator Adjustable Mounting Plate

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The BBR Tuning Billet 212cc Predator Engine Mounting Plate is strong enough to hold a monster motor, but lightweight enough to easily install. Machined with billet aluminum and compatible with the 212cc Predator bicycle engine kit, this mounting plate is easy to install and a breeze to use. All you need is your favorite bike and you'll be ready to smoke the competition. With the BBR Tuning Billet 212cc Predator Engine Mounting Plate, ride confidently and securely without all that heavy steel from the stock plate weighing you down.

Compatible Engines

  • 99cc, 212cc, and most 420cc Predator Engines
  • 99-420cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engines

Package Includes

  • 1x Main mounting plate
  • 2x Adjustable mounting plate slides w/ mounting brackets
  • 4x Small Mounting Bolts
  • 4x Medium Mounting Bolts
  • 4x Large Mounting Bolts
  • 8x Mounting Bolt Nuts

Installation Instructions

  1. Align the main mounting plate with the mount ports on the engine
  2. Use the medium mounting bolts to mount the plate to through the engine mount ports
  3. Measure the height you'd like to engine to sit at in your frame
  4. There are two bolt ports in the mounting slides: a front and a rear. For mounting the engine low on the bike, focus on using the front bolt ports. For mounting the engine higher in your frame, focus on using the rear bolt ports.
  5. Slide the mounting slides in to the main mounting plate with the curves facing out and up
  6. Find the bolt ports you'd like to use, and use the small screws to hold the slides in to the plate
  7. Adjust the slides to the desired length, then fasten the small bolts down to keep the slides in place
  8. Use the long bolts to go through the slides and through the motor mount bracket around the bike frame
  9. When you've reached the desired height, complete the mounting process by fastening those bolts

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Overall great mounting plate This lightweight, billet aluminum preaditor mounting plate is the way to go if your trying to mount your 79cc/212cc preaditor motor on your motorized bike. It fit my bike perfectly and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. Best plate out there!

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