BBR Tuning 2L Seat Mounted Black Keg-Style Gas Tank

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Mounting a gas tank for your motorized bike on your frame can be a pain. Well what if you don’t have a rack to start with? Or you don’t have room on the rear of your bike to do that? Skip all that hassle and fuel your bike with the BBR Tuning 2L Black Keg Gas Tank.

Whether you have a road bike, a beach cruiser, or a fat tire bike, these gas tanks mount to the seat tube of your bicycle. All you do is raise your seat tube, clamp this gas tank around it, fill it with gas, and connect the fuel line to your carburetor. In seconds you’ll be getting fuel from right behind your seat down in to your engine.

Most seat-mounted tanks and rear-mounted tanks run about the same height as the carburetor on your motor, which means gas will not flow in to the carburetor. But BBR Tuning designed this gas tank to have around 25° rise so that the gas tank is always positioned to allow maximum fuel flow. Moreover, its angle keeps the tank and its mounting post from rubbing against your tire, with enough space to safely run your fuel line without rubbing, either.

So if you’re looking for a gas tank that frame that just won’t seem to let you mount one, the BBR Tuning 2L Black Keg Gas Tank is what you need. 2-stroke or 4-stroke, 37cc to 212cc: if your bike engine needs a better tank, look no farther than BBR Tuning.

Tank Specifications:

  • 14in. (L) (w/ 9” mounting bar) x 10in. (W) x 4in. (H)
  • Color: Black
  • Mounting Hardware and Gas Cap included
  • Compatible w/ seat tubes .875” in diameter

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