BBR Tuning 80cc Dual Spark Kit

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Want to get the most out of your motorized bike engine? Get the most efficient combustion with the BBR Tuning Dual Spark kit! With two spark plugs, you'll get double the spark in your combustion chamber, ensuring that every bit of fuel is fired up during combustion. More complete combustion means more power! Cold startups are no longer a problem with this extra spark. 

  • More combustion = High Performance: The BBR dual spark kit combo has a dual head and a dual CDI, which provides the whole two-stroke engine with a more thorough burn, providing for better performance. 
  • Increases low-end torque: The low-end torque is an important feature of the vehicle, which provides lower gears with sufficient power to handle the engine. 
  • Better Startup time: Dual spark plugs mean cold starts are much easier, get up and go when your engine is still cold!
  • More power while climbing: The Dual spark kit also provides your car/bike with enough energy to climb up the hills with utmost ease.

Your search for an 80cc dual spark kit combo ends with this highly efficient BBR product. With the help of this dual spark kit combo of dual head and dual CDI, you can help your 2 stroke engine function smoothly without any hindrance. The dual-head of this combo has dual holes where you can put your spark plugs. 

The dual CDI(Capacitor Discharge Ignition), the second part of this spark kit, helps in providing proper startup time, which helps the vehicle move faster. In motorcycles, the dual CDI controls the ignition and combustion process. The motorcycle battery gives out a spark to the CDI box, which fires up the spark plug. Again, this process helps in moving the bike quickly.

You will also get better startup time with the help of the CDI. With this dual spark kit, you can easily climb up the hills without any hindrance. It also increases the low-end torque, an essential feature of a vehicle. The low-end torque provides the lower gear with ample energy to control the engine’s power. You also get better acceleration and combustion by using the dual spark kit with your 2 stroke engine. 

With the help of this dual spark kit, your vehicle gives out high performance and helps the rider drive the vehicle comfortably. In addition, the whole dual spark kit is affordable and requires low upkeep. As this kit is made from high-quality material, you don’t have to worry about their shelf life as well. 



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Thomas Cratty
80cc dual spark kit.

Excellent add on for the 80cc engine. I ordered extra to install on previous builds. I consider this product a must for 2 stroke engines.

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