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The BBR Tuning Adapter is a durable aluminum unit that provides fast and easy installation when used with the BBR Tuning Sprocket. Unlike the traditional sprocket clamp assembly, the BBR Tuning Sprocket and Adapter Assembly ensure concentricity with the wheel hub by using the unique two-piece adapter that wraps around the rear wheel hub and enables you to drive the entire wheel instead of applying pressure on the spokes. ADAPTER ONLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SPROCKET.

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The best product

This is the best drivetrain product bar none! If you intend to use a two stroke bike motor kit, then you will want this. It allows for concentric and true sprocket mounting and also allows you to adjust the sprocket alignment side to side for perfect chain travel.
I would like to see another hub adapter like this, only done up for disc brake rotor. A adapter to bolt up a disc rotor onto otherwise ordinary bicycle hub would be a very worthy upgrade product. But yeah,,, if you install a bike motor, do yourself a favor and toss that rag joint crap adapter in the garbage. This is better and much safer reliable option! Now only for a disc brake adapter please!!!!

Kurt Gubrud
Unable to review

I am using a different sprocket for now and saving the adapter for future use.I want to use steel instead of aluminum.

Jaedan Gonzalez
Does the job.

I think it does the job only issue is next time I should use more some lock-tight

Dustin Guthrie

Nice and sturdy

David Fisher
hub adaptor

you are the only ones who sell adaptor''s to fit shimano hubs! right on. but an aluminum sprocket? it makes a good jig to drill matching holes in the steel rag joint sprocket, works great. the chain wouldn't even mesh on the aluminum p.o.s

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