BBR Tuning Arch Chain Idler Tensioner with Pulley Wheel

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Are you looking for the safest way to maintain chain tension? Sick of having to constantly adjust your idler pulley for proper chain alignment? With the BBR Tuning Arch Chain Idler Tensioner with Pulley Wheel you will get the stability you need even during the most intense rides.

Most chain tensioners on the market offer a static and linear mounting system that is not always universal. The result is chain tension that may be too tight or too loose depending on your bike. The BBR Arch Tensioner however allows for the user to get the best chain tension possible by adjusting the pulley wheel along the arch.

Ensuring that your engine has proper chain alignment is arguably one of the most important factors when riding your motorized bicycle. Without it your chain is more likely to break and cause catastrophic damage to you or your bicycle. Most chain idler pulleys on the market will typically feature a two-piece bracket system that can shift during riding causing a slew of issues. This tensioner however features dual U-bolt design that mounts along the chain stay of your bicycle allowing for the most secure mount possible.

So never compromise on your engine safety and pick up the BBR Tuning Arch Chain Idler Tensioner with Pulley Wheel for a smoother and more efficient ride.

Package Includes:

  • Arch Idler Tensioner Bracket
  • U-bolt mount bracket
  • Idler Pulley Wheel
  • Idler Tensioner Mounting Hardware

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Curved chain tensioner

So far it has been the best tensioner I have used so far. I recommend it

Wade Duane
No mo chain woe

With chain tension and drive
sprocket allignment in mind. I bought and installed this product. Nailed it! Couldn't asked for a better solve! Safe, durable, reliable wrapped up in one product. Perfect!

Weylan Shirk
Real person not AI

Best investment ever

Walter Abrams
Arch tensioner

I ordered my arch tensioner from bikeberry it was very easy to install and works way better than the tensioner that comes with the kits definitely worth buying for your motorized bike

Need to have this!!

This is great,I usually use the spring tensioner but I decided to give this a try.. you will need to modify it, easy install and great upgrade

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