BBR Tuning Bat Wing Handlebars

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Does your chopper need a tougher look? Need more comfort on those long rides? Well, the BBR Tuning Bat Wing Handlebars are what your motorized non-motorized chopper bikes have been waiting for. When your chopper is pedaled with your legs, throttled with an electric motor, or you love to give you motor gas, with these handle bars youΓÇÖre handling your bike with ease and attitude.

These handlebars have angled grips, which make your rides more comfortable. Those big ape hangers can make a chopper hard to control, and wide bars make steering difficult. Moreover, when your handlebars are right in front of you it will put unnecessary stress on to your wrists, which will become increasingly painful over time. But with these bat wing handle bars your wrists are slightly turned, aliviating the direct pressure you give your wrists when riding.

And installation couldnΓÇÖt be easier:

  • Loosen the clamp bolt(s) of your stem and remove your stock handlebars
  • Mount your new handlebars in your old barΓÇÖs place
  • Fasten the mounting bolts for the stem
  • Install all handle bar accessories (throttle, brakes, clutch, etc..) on to your handle bars

So whether you have triple-tree forks or just a regular fork stem, installing BBR Tuning Bat Wing Handlebars on to your bike will give you the comfort you need with the bad a%# style you want.


  • 22mm Stem Clamp Area
  • 24.25in. from grip to grip
  • 8in. of room on each grip
  • 4in. rise from clamp area
  • Color: Black

Note: These bars are designed for stems with grips inside. If your handlebar stem is smooth, you must purchase shims to fit between your bars and stem in order to safely mount these handlebars.

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Bryant Finney

Great looking handle bars just wasnt the right size i thought they were

Raymond Oliveira

Cool design for good price

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