BBR Tuning Billet 4-Stroke Intake Manifold

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The BBR Tuning Billet 4-Stroke intake manifold is going to take your 4-stroke engine to the next level. Tired of the lack of 4-stroke performance carbs out there? That's not a problem anymore. With this manifold you'll have the ability to mount a performance 2-stroke carburetor on to your 4-stroke, giving you more power than you get out of those stock 4-stroke carb's.

Installation couldn't be easier: all you've got to do is remove your stock carburetor from your 4-stroke engine block, mount the new manifold on top of the stock spacer and gasket, then bolt on the 2-stroke carburetor you want to use, and BOOM- you're ready to ride. If you're ready to take for your 4-stroke to fly, then your engine needs a new carburetor and the BBR Tuning Billet 4-Stroke Intake Manifold.


  • Manifold Spacing: 40MM
  • Manifold Reach: 15MM

Compatible Carburetors

Compatible Engines

  • Flying Horse 5G Pull Start Engine Kits
  • Huasheng 142F 4-Stroke engine blocks

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Customer Reviews

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Eddie wiedner
Works great

It’s much easier for me than the stock set up to deal with happy with the purchase..


Brilliant! This is one if the best accessories I ever got for my 4 stroke bike. After my first ride my 4 stroke carburetor was giving me nothing but problems. Could not start because the float was constantly closing the needle valve preventing fuel from getting to my engine. Never had that issue with the 2 stroke NT carburetors so I went on a whim & decided to do something a bit outlandish adapt an NT 2 stroke carburetor on a 4 stroke motor & poof! all those 4 stroke carburetor issues were a thing of the past. My gas mileage went down a little & had to figure out a catch can setup since the breather hose had nowhere to hook up to after hooking up the NT carb but my 4 stroke runs better than before. I had to get shorter bolts & ended up having to remove the rubber O ring on the manifold because it was getting in the way of the NT carburetor fit, didn't need the O ring anyway after securing my NT carb up to it well enough. Never had a leak or stall or anything so far.

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