BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc

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The BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High Performance Head will give you performance without sacrificing style. Designed with billet aluminum , this head is made for performance engines as well as any non-performance engines. Built with a rounded and squared shape, this head cools your engine faster than standard heads while giving you 20-30% more power to your engine. This head might look small, but it packs a punch better than those round heads and most "ashtray" cylinder caps. If your engine wants more power, give it the BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High Performance Head and you'll feel a big difference when you hit the throttle.

Designed for 66/80cc bicycle engine kits. Will fit on most engines including, Flying Horse, Mega Motors, Grubee, Stinger, and more!

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Tivis
Project Drifter 2.0

Simple beautiful quality

Shawn Hannan

I am waiting for the right size studs to be able to try new cylinder head. And chain tensioner.

Vincent Hennigan

This head is sick!!! I can tell immediate diff.

the guy

wouldnt know the difference got the kit from a store in town, payed 150 bucks for the flying horse 48cc kit and it just came with this cylinder head in the kit. im like LOL OK and i shoved it on before i ever ran it with the stock head, mind you i have the 48cc motor, it has the same if not more torque than my friends 66/80cc, we both have the baffle out cause it sounds more fun and its less restricted so free torque for a 2 stroke (take what torque i can get with a 2 stroke anyway would put an expansion chamber but nah dont want to be invested too much past keeping it running just for fun), im convinced its just a 66 not a 48 cause it does just as good, i wouldnt know the difference, didnt test the stock head but why would you, just put the shiny billet one on, best part is i got mine for like free with purchase, this flying horse kit did scare me during its break in hours, when it first fired up it made a horrible squealing grinding noise like a screw in the crank case almost, like it sounded like tearing cast aluminum, it ended up being way too tight of gear lash in the clutch and pinion, you know if gear lash is too tight gears make their own lash, by the time the cylinder loosened up the gear grinding was just a little whine, the wear pattern on the helical gears is terrible, the gear makes contact on the very outside edge, it has plenty of metal to wear down and wear in the middle like it should but you could tell the pinion and clutch were made in different factories with a communication issue, long story short i put moly grease in the gear set, its got some miles on it and these motors run awesome, the whole kit runs great. . .now i just got to get solid tubes cause air tires dont seem to last more than a few hours even slime filled ones


Great Added power with head 2head gaskets and ported my piston runs great

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