BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium High Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc

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The BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium High-Performance Head will give you performance without sacrificing style. Designed with billet aluminium, this head is made for performance engines as well as any non-performance engines. Built with a rounded and squared shape, this head cools your engine faster than standard heads while giving you 20-30% more power to your engine. This head might look small, but it packs a punch better than those round heads and most "ashtray" cylinder caps. If your engine wants more power, give it the BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium High-Performance Head and you'll feel a big difference when you hit the throttle.

Designed for 66/80cc bicycle engine kits. Will fit on most engines including, Flying Horse, Mega Motors, Grubee, Stinger, and more!

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James Wright
The Aluminum head

I have it on my engine, but, I have yet to be able to get my engine to run. It has no fire, but I have checked the cdi, magneto an still no progress. But, I still really like the little engine.

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Bryce Gerber
Better cooling

I live in southern AZ and this head is a must. If not for the performance at least for the cooling. Ride longer and improve longevity you can’t beat it.

Stage 3 build

I'm completely happy with the stage 3 kit i haven't had any problems with the kit at all and she fired up first thing i did go to the hardware store and bought better nuts and bolts for the rag joint

Max Zagar
Great Head

Great head with a lot of dissipation. When I run my stage 4 66/80cc engine for about 20min in 90 degree weather the head is only 150-160 degrees F over the stock head coming in around 210-220 degrees F. The power is noticeable as well all throughout the RPM range and much smoother. I would like if the head was a little but cheaper.

Sean Higgins

Exactly what I had ordered and arrived earlier than expected which is saying something since im in Tennessee lol

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