BBR Tuning Billet Intake Manifold


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Size: 30MM
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Looking for an easy upgrade to boost the performance of your two-stroke gas powered motorized bicycle engine kit? The BBR Tuning billet intake manifold is designed to match the intake port of your gas bikes cylinder and provide a smooth flow as well as reduce turbulence which results and a smoother running engine and better performance. Not only does this boost performance, but it also provides a more solid seal which prevents poor idle quality and bogging.

The BBR Tuning Billet Intake Manifold improves efficiency and provides high performance for motorized bicycle engine setups because of its unique design. Fits on most 48/66/80cc bicycle engine kits, it is designed for greater gas flow efficiency as well as an O-ring seal for a nice airtight fit that helps prevent any vacuum leaks that normally cause poor idle quality and bogging.

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Jonathan Corn

BBR Tuning Billet Intake Manifold

randy york

looks to be very well built. got it for a Zeda 89cc on a schwinn occ chopper. not far enough along yet to run it but it looks as though the carb issittig at too much of an angle, but it was made for these engines so i hope it will be fine because it fits so well and gives me perficet room for my air filter.

Ron Burns

Carb sleeve needed to be bigger. Had to team it a great deal to get it to go over the intake.

anonymous customer

perfect fit and flow

Kevin Fetty

What carb are you using? What carb are you using? Stock or one of the high performance carbs? My engines won\'t run right with the high performance carbs unless they are sitting level. With the Manic manifold the engine would have to be tilted WAY back to get the carb level. I know because I tried one.Thanks

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