BBR Tuning CNC Universal Front Motor Mount

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It is so purdy, and cool looking, I had to give it 5 starz! Nicely made, Something is not quite right with the design, as far as fitment of the 2 mating parts- seems loose, and I would use a long stud and 2 nuts for the connection of both parts, the engine side is not wide enough, and the mounting holes do not line up with wide front motor mounts. I am thinking of using a length of pipe flattened strategically on each end and through stud/nuts on each side. Will elongate the engine side holes. So all in all, I think we can adapt this little beauty to work!


It's okay Was delivered quickly. Too much of a gap where the 2 pieces attach, was not able to actually tighten the mount in the middle. Also raised the motor so high that it won't even work, carb hits the top rail. Was also too small to fit on my beach cruiser frame.


Highly recommended came fastperfect fit Raised the motor higher but was with it took allot of vibration out of the build, sturdy, looks good, less worry about broken studs on the front motor mount.


the Manic Mechanic delivers! As usual, the Manic Mechanic delivers! This product is well worth it, and I'm in fact surprised that there are still any in stock, the way his stuff usually sells out and all. Yes, as you can tell I'm a fan, but there is one aspect I would change if I had the ability and skill of this fella: lower profile! The engine sits way high in the frame with this, so you'd better have a big bike. For fit, center-of-gravity issues, and asthetics, it needs to be slimmed down a tad. but it does grab the frame perfect, and looks awesome, in my opinion.


These mounts are without a doubt durable enough to get thru the apocalypse. These mounts are without a doubt durable enough to get thru the apocalypse.Bad news is they will not fit any engine with a 48mm mounting flange such as the mighty PK-80. Soon enough most all engines will be coming with the larger front mount (48mm++) in order to mount to the bikes being made today.So if you are using an older engine with the small 40-44mm mounting pads, these mounts are for you. Anything larger and youll have to mock something up to use these for front mounts on your engine.

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