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If you're looking for a stronger, more secure way to mount your 2-stroke motorized bike engine to a bike frame, look no further than the BBR Tuning CNC Universal Front Motor Mount. Made from CNC aluminum, these mount will help make mounting your engine a lot easier and a whole lot safer.

These mounts will fit frames with 1.5" tubing, which means you can mount your motor on nearly any cruiser or motorized bike frame around. Unlike your engine's stock motor mounts, the Universal Mount here doesn't require you to drill in to your frame with a t-bracket. You can use one for your rear motor mount, too, and get an even better fit.

If you're used to using a u-bracket to mount your engine, you'll be surprised by how much of an improvement this bracket is to your build. When you use this mount instead of a u-bracket your engine will no longer sit on a plate that's resting on your frame. This bracket will raise your motor off of the frame and actually give you a perfect fit, opposed to most u-bolts that can cause the engine to tilt when loosening from vibration.

One of the greatest features about these mounts is their customability. Once you put these mounts on your engine you have the ability to make your engine sit a little higher than it had with its stock mounts. If you've got a bike with a cranks in the front of your frame (like a chopper bike), you don't have to worry about getting custom chopper mounts. Just loosen the bolt in the center of the mount, angle your engine as needed, tighten the bolt back down, and your engine's ready to ride!

Mount Size: 1.5in. (38mm)
Motor Mount Bolt Size: 1.5-2in motor mount stud spacing
Compatible with most 2-stroke 66/80cc and 48cc motorized bicycle engines

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Customer Reviews

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Elijah Starnes
Good mount for my bike

This mount is exactly what I needed. Got my motor sitting right where I want it and it is nice and sturdy. It shipped fast and is a great mount.

John Arsenault
Great part

I really like motor mount it looks really clean and takes motor up higher

Floyd M.
Great mount for the right bike.

I love the mount, but could'nt use it because My 26" beach cruser didn't give it enough room. It moved My carberator too close to the top bar of the bike. Believe it would work well on a 29" bike. Outside of that, its a great mount.

Rob Schlotterbeck
Heavy duty

I bought this thinking that I might need it for my first ever build but I didn’t. This thing is heavy duty and would hold a full sized motorcycle motor in place. Into the spare parts box for later!

Scott Foster
Quick and High-quality

The engine mount that I order was shipped and arrived quicker than promised, also the engine mount was high-quality and true to the specs and description.

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