BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust Pipe Muffler


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Proving that the age-old statement that “two is better than one” is true, the Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust will revolutionize how you see mufflers. Featuring an elongated pipe and expansion chamber, this muffler improves exhaust flow and helps circulate excess exhaust back to the cylinder. This allows for a huge performance boost to not only engine speed, but torque as well. Attest to the product’s name, this muffler also features a revolutionary dual silencer muffler design. This allows for an additional 25% increase in exhaust outflow for a boost in engine power without increasing engine noise. So, whether you are looking for an exhaust that will giving you racing performance or want to reduce the loudness of your engine, you can trust the BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust to get the job done.

The BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust muffler not only looks tough, it performs just as fierce! Made with thick aluminum to ensure durability, this muffler has an expansion chamber design to help circulate the exhaust out of the pipe for a smooth ride, while the excess exhaust is used to prep your cylinder for its next exhaust cycle. The adjustable flange makes installation simple and makes this muffler compatible with a wider range of bikes than your standard extended muffler- all with a silencer on the end to help limit excess noise from your engine. The bonus dual silencer helps even more exhaust excuse from your motor, giving you about 25% more power than a single-ended performance muffler. If you're ready to hit the race track or just looking for some serious power out of your build, the BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust muffler will leave the competition in the dust.

Muffler Specifications:

  • Mounting Size: 30mm
  • Pipe Length: 33" Length with 7" bend

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Too much back pressure

I love the sound of this expansion chamber muffler combination. It wasn't too quiet, it was good in between. I found even after rejetting my carburetor that it cut my speed and power down almost in half over the banana shaped expansion chamber.
I am now thinking about trying the (dual ended torquer up) to relieve some of that back pressure.

george Pizarro

Best exhaust pipe ever

Wendy Franks

Perfect! Great delivery time!


So Good... This is my 2nd!! I initially bought one of these exhausts second hand from a motorbike shop, and it works wonderfully in my PK80.Just finished custom build with windowed piston, OZ Reeds, and 16mm Keihin clone, all matched to ported jug and ZL short crank....Of course, I finally found this exhaust here on Bikeberry, so I immediately purchased it!! This thing is great! Durable! A+++


Awesome exhaust This exhaust gave my rig so much more torque, I barely have to peddle before giving it gas to go. And it makes the exhaust sound lower and meaner. Best $75 I have spent on my bike so far. I would recommend this exhaust to any serious engine builders. A+

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