BBR Tuning Dual Spark Plug CDI

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Want to provide your two-stroke engine with even combustion and great efficiency? Check out the BBR Tuning Dual Spark Plug CDI, which will help boost your engine’s low-end torque and increase its efficiency. In addition, it has a capacitor discharge ignition which charges within no time. 

  • Provides More Power: The dual spark plug provides more power to the engine than the single spark plug. This is because it hits the engine simultaneously with a dual engine. Hence, providing more power. 
  • Even Combustion: The dual spark plug helps burn the fuel from all the edges of the cylinder, distributing the pressure evenly and providing even combustion. 
  • Boost in low-end torque: Low-end torque is the amount of torque at a lower number of revolutions. The dual spark plug gives it a boost which further helps the vehicle move faster.
  • Promotes Engine Efficiency: With the help of dual spark plugs, the fuel/air mixture burns quickly and provides ignition from two different points, increasing the engine’s efficiency. 

Are you looking for a dual spark plug for your vehicle’s two-stroke engine? Try the BBR Tuning Dual Spark Plug CDI. This powerful spark plug helps in providing more power to the engine by hitting the engine at the same time. When you attach the dual spark plug to the engine, a twin flame front is ignited. Instead of igniting the engine from one end, the dual spark plugs ignite it from all the edges.

Due to this, the fuel burns quickly, giving more power to the engine. In addition, as the dual spark plug burns the fuel/ air mixture from all the sides, the pressure accumulated in the engine gets distributed evenly. Thus, producing even combustion throughout the engine. The BBR Tuning Dual Spark CDI also boosts the low-end torque of a vehicle. Low-end torque is the number of revolutions taken by a vehicle.

The low-end torque makes sure that the rider has access to more engine power in lower gears. To achieve good riding speed, you need to have high low-end torque, and dual spark plugs help you achieve that. In addition, this product helps in providing better acceleration to your vehicle, which further makes sure that your vehicle can climb up the hills with maximum ease.

You will get this product in orange and black color, and the plug is made from good quality heat resistant material. So, do not worry about any sparks or mishappening. The BBR tuning dual spark plug CDI is worth investing in. 


  • Model No./SKU: BBR-DUALCDI

Cylinder Head, Spark Plugs, and Engine Not Included

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Dual spark CDI

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BBR Tuning Dual Spark Plug CDI

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