BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle Frame w/ 2.4L Gas Tank


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Searching for the perfect bike frame could be overwhelming! If you are too looking to revamp your bike by installing a new frame then your search has ended here with the F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle. It comes with a built in gas tank with 2.4L capacity. Also the twist gas cap gives easy control. The cable ports manage the wires to give a clean look to the bike. 

  • Built-in Gas Tank: Get rid of the old design and get this new frame with a built in gas tank. The gas cap can be easy to use by simply twisting and fitting the tank. 

  • Motor-Ready: Compatible with almost any 48cc or 66/89cc 2-stroke bike engine

  • Balanced Ride: The aerodynamic frame is smooth and allows easy maneuverability. Although being lightweight it is sturdy and ensures a balanced, clean ride. 

  • Disc Brake Ports: It has ports for disc brakes, which will give you a safe riding experience upon its installation. 

The BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle Frame has a cleverly concealed 2.4L gas tank within its frame, which allows for a smoother well-balanced ride. BBR Tuning designed the Complete Motor-Ready motorized bicycle frame to be compatible with almost any 48cc or 66/89cc 2-stroke bike engine, meaning riders have the option to switch out or upgrade engines to better suit their particular needs as a rider. This is possible as a result of the careful tube sizing and frame spacing which enables the Motor-Ready bike to accommodate a greater range of engines.

The bike frame will make your rides smoother and more enjoyable. You can install the gas tank in no time and bolt the engine quickly in a few minutes. The bike frame has easy-to-use twist gas cap which makes fitting the tank even easier. Building the complete bike will take a matter of minutes. 

The bike frame is lightweight and supports an aerodynamic design which allows easy maneuverability and smooth riding experience. The frame is sturdy and will last a good time saving you from reinvestment charges. With proper cable ports the wires do not keep hanging, thus giving the bike a neat look. Also the bike frame has ports for brakes



  • Front Motor Mount Built In

  • Built In 2.4L Gas Tank

  • Pull Brake Mounts

  • Disc Brake Ports

  • Built In Cable Ports

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