BBR Tuning F3 VELOCITY Exhaust Chamber (For 100cc and Bullet Train Engines)


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Upgrade your 2-stroke motor's performance and sound with the BBR Tuning F3 VELOCITY High Performance Thrust Exhaust Muffler, specially designed for racing and performance engines. Leave behind your old exhaust system and embrace the Thrust muffler for an instant boost in power and speed.

We recommend replacing the compression gasket each time the muffler is changed.  Purchase a compression exhaust gasket here

  • Boost Power and Sound: The F3 VELOCITY muffler is engineered to deliver an increase in both power and exhaust note, ensuring a more exhilarating riding experience.

  • Baffle-Less Design: Unlike conventional mufflers with restrictive baffles, the F3 VELOCITY muffler features a baffle-less design that allows for smoother and more efficient exhaust flow.

  • Expansion Chamber Technology: Utilizing advanced expansion chamber technology, this muffler optimizes the circulation of exhaust gases, further enhancing performance.

  • Efficient Exhaust Expulsion: The longer length of the muffler facilitates quicker and more efficient expulsion of exhaust gases, similar to the performance of a long-shot muffler.

If you're tired of dealing with exhaust systems that hinder performance or interfere with your ride, make the switch to the BBR Tuning F3 VELOCITY High Performance Thrust Exhaust Muffler. Experience the combined benefits of a long-shot muffler, the smoothness of an expansion chamber, and the efficiency of a stretched muffler, all in one high-performance package. Say goodbye to lackluster engine performance and hello to the power and efficiency you've been craving.

We recommend using a compression gasket when using a high performance exhaust.  Purchase a compression exhaust gasket here


  • Stud Spacing: 40mm Mounting

  • Color: Chrome

  • Compatible Engine(s): 100cc V1 and V2 2-Stroke and 66/80cc Bullet Train Electric Start engines

Package Includes:

  • 1x Chrome the BBR Tuning F3 VELOCITY High Performance Thrust Exhaust Muffler

  • 40mm Muffler Gasket

  • Mounting brackets and hardware

Note: This muffler will raise slightly upward and over the magneto/drive sprocket side cases, going to the back of your bicycle. Though it will hug the engine tight, please use caution when riding as to not rest your leg against the muffler after each ride.

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