BBR Tuning Fine Tuning Carburetor Jets - 5mm for HP Carb or 7mm for NT Carb

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Compatible With:: HP Carb - 5mm Thread
Hole Sizes: .61mm - .65mm

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Tired of your engine bogging down when you ride? If everything on your motor's in pristine condition but you just can't get your engine to run the way it should, chances are you need to upgrade your carburetor's jetting. With this set of BBR Tuning Fine Turning Carburetor Jets you'll be able to finally get that engine to run the way it's supposed to.

This package includes a set of 5mm or 7mm threaded carburetor fuel jets designed to allow more or less fuel and air in to your engine.  5mm Jets are compatible with Speed, and High Performance carburetors like the SHA 15/15 and RuTong carburetor, while 7mm Jets are compatible with NT carburetors.  If you need your engine to run the right way swap out your fuel jet and see your performance increase.

Recommended Use

These jets are designed for riders at high altitudes and/or low temperatures (below 35°F) that require a more lean fuel mixture. This set of jets will allow your engine to run hotter than with stock jets

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David Field
Never got them.

Never came in the mail

Hi David,

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We are committed to resolving your concern, and we encourage you to communicate with us directly regarding your missing items.

Please reach out to us at 1 800-317-0479 or via email at We are here to help!



Stage 4 kit. I used a 65 jet. Runs great. Central Mn.

Paul Fenner
Fine Tune 5pc 0.61 through 0.65

Clearly marked jets. Now I have all sizes.

Glenn Hawkins
The right jets to keep your bike, lean and mean

I’ve looked online for jets. All the Jets sets I fined are little or no use they are all so big all they do is make your motor run fat and no top end. with the Jets from bike Barry they are the precise jetting you need to make your HP carburetor Feed your motor just what it needs. With all my bikes, starting out with a 65 usually is a good starting point and that’s where these jets start at as your motor breaks in you might want to go to a 64 or 63 this Jetset has it covered. They are not just a bunch of jet thrown in a bag that you can’t use. Good job Bike Barry thank you.

Jets for carb.

Put a 65 here in. Gibsonton fl seams to be working nice

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