BBR Tuning Free Wheel Pull Start Heavy Duty Axle Kit

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With the BBR Tuning Free wheel gas bike = Heavy Duty Axle Kit, you are guaranteed a sprocket that will always stay true. And because of the direct hub mount, less pressure is placed on the spokes. Normal sprocket mounting connects the drive sprocket to 1 side of the wheel by grabbing 18 spokes and sandwiching them with 2 rubber grommets. By mounting to the hub, the HD Wheel applies equal drive force to both sides of the wheel putting force on all 36 spokes evenly.

This model is for pull start motors, such as 4-stroke engine kits and 2-stroke engines with pull start modifications.

NOTE: Heavy Duty Axle kits are for EXPERIENCED bike and wheel builders. These kits do not come assembled or spoked, and come with no instructions.

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Good and bad, but mostly good First off, it takes a bit of fiddling to re-hub your wheel. But that should be fairly obvious. Not sure why there's a freewheel, since the 5G transmission has a freewheel and a centrifugal clutch. The result is a ""disconnected"" feel when cruising as the wheel speed and chain speed go in and out of synch.There's no coaster brake in this hub, so you get the band brake. Don't bother, it's worthless, fiddly, and won't stop the bike. Better than nothing, but not by a whole lot. Certainly not worth the effort it takes to install and set up.A disc brake is much more effective and confidence-inspiring but is even more fiddly to install, especially on a bike that's not set up for it. Highly recommended anyway. You'll want to drill a hole in the sprocket for brake adjustment. The freewheel makes brake adjustment easier as you can rotate the chain backwards to align the hole with the caliper.You'll need a freewheel for your pedal chain, too, not included.Once you get everything working, the end result is a wheel that stays true, doesn't pull spokes and the sprocket alignment is both perfect and permanent.

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