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Want that vintage, city-style look to your bicycle? BBR Tuning Gull Wing Handlebars are perfect for motorized bikes and non-motorized bikes alike. Whether you move with your feet, you’ve got an electric motor to throttle, or you’re pulling the throttle back on your gas engine, you’ll be able to getting great grip and handling at any speed.

The hand rests on these bars provide more comfort than other handlebars will. Most handlebars require you to grip the bars directly in front of you, which often puts stress on your wrists, which is especially painful on those longer riders. With these bars you alleviate that stress by resting and gripping your hands parallel with the direction of your bike. And unlike cruiser bars that usually too wide to control comfortably, these Gull Wing Handlebars keep your arms in at a comfortable distance so you can have as much control over your bike as possible.

And installation? Talk about easy:

  • Loosen the clamp bolt(s) of your stem and remove your stock handlebars
  • Mount your new handlebars in your old bar’s place
  • Fasten the mounting bolts for the stem
  • Install all handle bar accessories (throttle, brakes, clutch, etc..) on to your handle bars

Compatible with most any time of bike stem, when you install the BBR Tuning Gull Wing Handlebars on to your bike you’ll be riding in style and comfort.


  • 1in. (25.4mm) Stem Clamp Area
  • 18in. from grip to grip
  • 6in. of room on each grip
  • Color: Black

Note: These bars are designed for stems with grips inside. If your handlebar stem is smooth, you must purchase shims to fit between your bars and stem in order to safely mount these handlebars.

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Looks good on any bike Cafe style handle bar at a great price.

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