BBR Tuning High Performance 2-stroke Super Magneto


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Tired of getting a weak, inconsistent spark? With the BBR Tuning High Performance 2-stroke Super Magneto your spark issues are soon a thing of the past. More powerful than your stock magneto, the Super Magneto will make sure the spark you get is strong and your CDI keeps getting that spark more consistently than ever.
The magneto is the power source for your motor. While your stock magneto will work just fine on your 2-stroke bicycle, the BBR Tuning High Performance 2-stroke Super Magneto is wrapped with extra coiling to make sure your motor’s got all the power it needs to start faster and run better than before. Could this magneto with a high performance CDI and you’re looking at a motor that’s ready to tear up the track.
Don’t worry, this magneto’s as simple to install as ever: simply take off your magneto cover, remove the mounting screws and magneto from your motor, replace it with this Super Magneto, fasten, cover, wire black to black and red to blue, and you’re ready to ride!
So when you need a stronger spark, faster starts, a more consistent power to the rest of your engine, the BBR Tuning High Performance 2-stroke Super Magneto is the 2-stroke magneto you’ve been waiting for.

Compatible with 2-stroke 48cc and 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engine kits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ed Jones
Ignition upgrade.

After installing the stage 2 CDI upgrade, I went with the hotter magneto, and multi electrode sparkplug. I was very surprised how easily my motor started and how much better of low end and high end performance there was.

Runs great

Great spark,starts every time!

terry maggard
New build

It looks good but it’s on a new build and I been working on other project too

Christopher Wolfe
Better than my old stock cdi.

My motor runs better, starts up 1st time even when it's cold outside & I hadn't started it in a month! I also like the key ignition on it. Ha ha, good luck to any thieves thinking they're gonna have a quick easy get-away!

Caison Link
Great spark

After install needs carb tuning but amazing

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