BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler- Black

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The BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler is perfect for giving you more power and sound out of your 2-stroke motor. Made for racing and performance engines, you can forget that old exhaust you’re using and replace it with the Thrust muffler for better power and speed.

Instead of using a baffle that will hinder your performance, the BBR Tuning F2 Thurst muffler makes use of its baffle-less design to expel more exhaust from your motor. This exhaust utilizes expansion chamber technology to circulate the exhaust around the chamber and out of the muffler for a smoother ride. Its length will also let you expel exhaust faster and more efficiently, just like a stretched or long-shot muffler would.

If you’re tired of your expansion chamber always hitting your pedals or your stretch muffler hangs too low for your taste, the BBR Tuning High Performance Thrust Exhaust Muffler is what you need. The Thrust exhaust combines the exhaust capabilities of a long shot muffler, the smoothness of an expansion chamber, and the length and efficiency of a stretched muffler. If you’re tired of your performance engine not getting the power you want, the BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler is exactly what you need.


  • 29in. from exhaust tip through the mount (including bend at the mount)
  • 40mm Mounting Stud Spacing
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible with 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engine kits (can work with 48cc 2-stroke mufflers with 40mm exhaust stud ports)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Black the BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler
  • 40mm Muffler Gasket
  • Mounting brackets and hardware

Note: This muffler will raise slightly upward and over the magneto/drive sprocket side cases, going to the back of your bicycle. Though it will hug the engine tight, please use caution when riding as to not rest your leg against the muffler after each ride.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ron McAteer

I purchased the expansion chamber type pipe that Bike Berry sells. Bought it in black and it looks great, and I gained 9 mph with that pipe. Yes 9 mph. I also welded a 4 inch muffler on the tip of the pipe. It took away the loud raspy sound, I wrapped it with high temp exhaust tape. It looks good, it sounds good. Best pipe, imo. Ron Mac

William Fletcher
Great exhaust

Very good exhaust it’s a little loud but it sounds really good and I don’t mind waking my neighbors up when I come and go,it performs great and I’m well pleased with my order.thank you bike berry

Tom Alvarez
Sweet pipe

Awesome pipe . Not to load and good hp

Nathan Christy

yeah its badass ....probably goin to stay with this from now

Steven Vaux

awesome Great sounding pipe, I suggest getting some heat wrap to keep from burning yourself.

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