BBR Tuning High Performance Voodoo Muffler Expansion Chamber

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Need a muffler with attitude, style, and performance? Then the BBR Tuning VooDoo High Performance Muffler is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Made for 2-stroke bike engine kit motors, this exhaust muffler is what you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve seen them before on other awesome motorized bikes, and now BBR Tuning has made one for yours. If you’ve got a 66/80cc bicycle motor with 40mm stud ports you’re ready to ride. Just slap this pipe on your ride and you’re getting a better ride than you ever expected. How does it work?

  • Exhaust from your motor will travel from the cylinder through the extended pipe and in to the expansion chamber
  • The expansion chamber will circulate the exhaust instead of pushing it directly out of the back of the muffler, giving it a smooth exit from your exhaust
  • Unlike other open-mouthed performance mufflers, this exhaust system has a muffler at the end to keep all that loud roaring down to a minimum

With the VooDoo muffler your engine will receive more bottom end torque to give you that extra boost of power to pull you up those steeper hills on your commute. Don’t worry, this muffler will still give you an added bit of top end speed, too, so you won’t lose speed because of torque. What’s better than that? The added bonus of better fuel economy, that’s what!

Overall, the BBR Tuning VooDoo High Performance Muffler will give you a faster ride, a smoother running engine, and a better ride. If your engine can exhaust better it can run better and more efficiently, and with this VooDoo muffler you’re just asking for a high performance bike. Use the high performance muffler with any of BBR Tuning’s high performance parts, and in no time you’ll be tearing up the streets, the trails, and the racetrack in style.

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Lonnie McMullen



best place to shop ever this Muffler is awesome and made my bike sound like a dirt bike I recommend it for anyone


Loud and Proud This pipe is semi difficult to install with its strange shape, but overall, it sounds fantastic and it does add a small power boost. However, if it is speed that you desire, the banana pipe is better.


Fun Pipe This exhaust was a bit of a hassle to install on my bike and is in a different shape than it was intended to be. It is loud and proud. It creates a poppy two-stroky kind of sound that I want. I feel a bit of power increases but not as much as described. Overall it is a fun pipe, but you could buy other performance parts and get a better result if speed is what you want.

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