BBR Tuning Non-Free Wheel Heavy Duty Axle Kit

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Designed for bicycle engine kits that do not have pull starts such as a 48 or 66/80cc 2 stroke engine kit. This rear non-freewheel axle kit is perfect for any motorized bicycle enthusiast who wants a solid drive train on their bike and the great stopping power a drum brake. This hub kill will relieve the stress on your spokes imposed by traditional sprocket clamp assemblies. Designed to work best with bikes that do not have a pull start such as 2 stroke engine kits.

With the BBR Tuning Non-freewheel Heavy Duty Axle Kit, you are guaranteed a sprocket that will always stay true. And because of the direct hub mount, less pressure is placed on the spokes. Normal sprocket mounting connects the drive sprocket to 1 side of the wheel by grabbing 18 spokes and sandwiching them with 2 rubber grommets. By mounting to the hub, the HD Wheel applies equal drive force to both sides of the wheel putting force on all 36 spokes evenly.

This model is for pedal-start motors that do not have pull starts. Made for 2-stroke bicycle engine kits.

NOTE: Heavy Duty Axle kits are for EXPERIENCED bike and wheel builders. These kits do not come assembled or spoked, and come with no instructions.

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TL;DR: she's mint and it's worth the time to put it together.

The hub and accessories came with no instructions, but wasn't too hard to figure out with the diagram on this page.
I've built a few 2 stroke bikes and used many ways to mount a sprocket to a back wheel and I personally feel this is the sturdiest and safest way to mount I've come across so far. I have yet to use the "pork chop" brake but will provide an update on how I feel about that as this hub was purchased exclusively for that.

I feel it is important to note when my hub arrived the threads on both sides of the hub were damaged(it did make spinning the spacer, freewheel and sprocket difficult)but did not prevent assembly.

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Not bad if you've ever laced a wheel I bought this because I raced BMX with my kids years ago and we made more than a few tacos.Once you've laced a few wheels this is not a big deal, a bit time consuming but NOT a show stopper. Besides your choice of lacing pattern (there are several) the only things to know are evenly distributed spoke tension and getting the ""dish"" correct. If you rough-in the dish and then true it you'll be in fine shape in no time.I did a LOT of spokes as my son was on the spoke'ed Z-Rims, (plastic, almost indestructable) you could taco that rim, pull the bent spokes, loosen the rest, add a few new ones and be back on the track in about 30 minutes. (or less) Gets easier the more often you build'em!

glen johnson

not for the faint at heart its well worth it but if you dont have patiance working with the spokes dont get it. but i will say i have built two and will do it again to anythat i do again


spoke help Remember....over , over , under

b squared

good, just needs attention and care i have just bought one of these and it will do better then the original axle, but trying to put this one in and re-attach the spokes, is a very frustrating, and time consuming project.

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