BBR Tuning Performance Spring Idler Pully Upgrade

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Designed to provide optimal chain performance, the BBR Tuning Performance Spring Idler Pully Upgrade will revolutionize how you see chain tension. Installed on the engine’s chainstay this component, unlike other idler pulleys, features a spring-loaded design. The result is a pulley system that will not only keep consistent chain tension but one that will even provide reduced stress. So, whether you are looking for a replacement idler or want to upgrade to a more performance mechanism, you can trust the BBR Tuning Performance Spring Idler Pully Upgrade to provide the durability you need and quality you deserve.

The Spring Loaded Idler Pulley will maintain consistent pressure on the chain to maximize performance. It will reduce stress on the chain and keep a consistent tension through any ride. This aftermarket performance upgrade comes with all the hardware for installation. Compatible with all 2-stroke 48cc/50cc/66cc/80cc engine kits as well as 4-stroke 50cc engine kits.

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Stephen Hauk
Great tension!

The moment I put this spring idler I could notice a considerable difference in the chain tightness. I actually thought it was too tight at first, Just had to adjust the spring spacing then all was good. Great product overall just wish it had 4 mounting screws like the original tensioner.


I enjoy all your products. Your a great product with a lot of choices. I will be back for more.

John Baptista
Customer service excellence

When trying to find an E bike for my son I had the pleasure of dealing with two service consultants. They were both excellent gave me the time needed to make an informed decision and purchase everything went smoothly. I’m sure my son will be happy with the right fit the right bicycle knowing that these two professionals helped me. Oh well done job

Bike Berry


Mark MacArthur

Great product, from a reputable company. I personally recommend bike berry if you have any bike accessories needs of any kind call and ask bike berry there's staff is knowledgeable and friendly ¡

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