BBR Tuning Retro Hairpin Bicycle Saddle


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Tired of that old, torn foam seat giving your bike a bad look? The BBR Tuning Retro Hairpin Saddle will give your cruiser, mountain bike, or road bike a vintage look with comfort included. Made with tanned leather and durable metal springs, you’ll be riding in style with this seat on your bike.

Metal rivets hold the durable leather to the frame. Unlike other hairpin saddles out there, the BBR Tuning hairpin saddle is made with real leather, not plastic. That means despite its hard surface, when sit down on this saddle you won’t feel like you’re sitting on an old school, plastic BMX saddle.

Its large springs ensure that whether you’re riding on pavement or on rocky terrain, you don’t feel too much of the rumble of the road. And its adjustable seat post clamp allows for mounting on a wide range of seat posts of different sizes.

Installing this saddle couldn’t be easier:

  • Loosen the seat clamp on your existing seat and remove it from your seat tube
  • Loosen the seat clamp of the BBR Tuning Retro Hairpin saddle
  • Fit the new saddle over your seat tube and adjust the direction of your seat to comfort
  • Tighten the seat clamp, and you’re ready to ride!

So whether it’s more comfort, more reliability, or a new look out of your bicycle’s seat, the BBR Tuning Retro Hairpin Saddle will give you all three!


  • Simple to install, comfortable when riding
  • Compatible with a ride range of seat tubes and bicycles
  • Measurement: 12.5in (L) x 8.5in (W) x 5.5in (H)
  • 22mm Seat Post opening

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yevgeni Balicek

Very nice seat. It offers cushion yet firm enough to not affect stability and power strokes to peddling. My seat was the darker brown rather than the one show in a blond leather. Consequently I had to bleach the leather. I also chose to paint the springs because no part of my bike is chrome. All good

Bike Berry

Great experience, good selection.


Good Saddle This saddle looks good and is pretty comfortable. Can't ask for much more than that.

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