BBR Tuning Single Boost Bottle Induction Kit


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The BBR Tuning Gas Powered Motorized Bicycle Boost Bottle kit is designed to work with any 2 stroke gas bike on the market. It is designed to expand your intake area on your engine by storing atomized fuel molecules in its chamber and forcing them into your engine while you are off and on the throttle. This bottle provides a "Boost" or supercharge effect. It will also make your engine run up to 3-4 times smoother and decrease the vibration on your handlebars, motor mounts and more! You will notice an awesome upgrade in power and torque. Numerous issues such as heavy exhaust smoke, very hot engine temperatures, heavy engine loading, and hard starts will be greatly decreased.


How does the boost induction kit work?

As the engine draws fuel and air in through the carburetor on the intake cycle, the spark plug fires this mixture forcing the piston down and forcing a small amount of leftover air/fuel back into the carburetor. As the air and fuel mix is forced back through the carburetor and intake manifold, it causes a double rich mixture which can result in a rough idle and hesitation. Primarily, the leftover air/fuel mixture, already burnt from the previous cycle which provides little or no oxygen, is cycled back to the next intake cycle resulting in bogging/ sluggish throttle response.

To take advantage of the leftover air/fuel mixture, the Boost Bottle kit provides storage for this "pre-atomized air/fuel mixture" or the leftover air/fuel mixture, leaving the intake cycle fresh and unburnt. As the piston makes it next cycle and draws a new fuel and air supply into the cylinder, the "pre-atomized air/fuel mixture" that is stored in the bottle returns to the engine as a burst, forcing the atomized fuel into the engine. In result, the boost bottle provides a "boost"or supercharge effect in engine performance.

This boost bottle works best at lower and mid-range rpm and when you are on & off the throttle. The advantage is that it brings up the horsepower and torque in the bottom of the rpm range, to mid-way through the power band (eliminating bogging).

What is in the boost bottle?

There are no fluids or any explosive content inside the bottle. It gets primed by your engine instantly as you start it. Only fumes enter the bottle, not liquid gas.

Note: the boost bottle induction kit requires the manifold to be tapped. Use Teflon tape or any quality thread seal to secure a tight seal. Instructions on how to tap the manifold is also included with your kit. Limited quantity is available.

*Note: Boost Bottles do not come with the pre-tapped manifold.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Rex Replogle
Great product

This product works well as advertised. Shipped fast great product.

Ed Jones
My build in progress.

As I've only taken the bike out once since I added the boost bottle I can only tell you what my preliminary findings were. It did seem like I was getting a better idol at mid and low Rpms. I will have to test further to find out if this is consistent or if there is much more improvements that I haven't seen yet.

Jack Otis

Works well as advertised. Easy to install upgrade

Adam Embry

Always get more than your dollars worth.

Bike Berry

Smaller than I thought it was going to be and again I don't know how big it was going to be..

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