BBR Tuning Sprocket Adapter Assembly


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Adapter Size: BBR Tuning Standard Large Adapter
Sprocket Size: BBR Tuning 36 Tooth Sprocket
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We’ve all installed the traditional sprocket clamp with the nine bolts and struggle to get it centered. With the BBR Tuning sprocket adapter assembly this is a thing of the past. This adapter clamps directly around your rims hub and center are itself perfectly every time. Installs in just minutes and makes your engine kit install a breeze. Also, when your ready to change your sprocket all you must do is remove three Allen bolts and bolt on your new sprocket. No need to take off the entire adapter.

The BBR Tuning Sprocket and Adapter Assembly is a durable aluminum unit that provides fast and easy installation. Unlike the traditional sprocket clamp assembly, the BBR Tuning Sprocket and Adapter Assembly ensure concentricity with the wheel hub by using the unique two-piece adapter that wraps around the rear wheel hub and enables you to drive the entire wheel instead of applying pressure on the spokes.


Standard Large Adapter:

Fits any rear hub with a diameter of 1.52-1.528".
Used with 12G and 14G spokes.

The following are compatible coaster brakes hubs:

  1. High Stop
  2. K Stop
  3. Falcon
  4. Bendix
  5. Micargi
  6. Shimano CB-110
  7. Shimano CB-110E
OCC Chopper Adapter: Specifications:
Fits any rear hub with a diameter of 1.250-1.258".
Great for Schwinn OCC Stingray and Spoiler Chopper Bikes. Modus Adapter: Specifications:
Fits any rear hub with a diameter of 1.180-1.188".
Made specifically for the Walmart Modus hub and other Walmart multispeed cruisers. Nexus Adapter: Specifications:
Made specifically for the Nexus 3 Speed Rear Hub. FWL/5, 6, 7 Speed Adapter:

Fits any rear hub with a diameter of 1.000-1.008"
Made specific for 5,6, and 7 speed FW's

NOTE: The BBR Tuning Sprocket and Adapter Assembly is only compatible with the 415 Heavy Duty Chain. BBR Tuning adapters are only compatible with BBR Tuning 5-Hole sprocket. 9-Hold Sprockets (like those what come with engine kits) will need heavy modification to fit with BBR Tuning adapters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jon Perkins

Everything arrived in great shape and install was fairly easy, had a few issues to figure out but nothing complicated.
Only issue is with HP carb. Still haven't gotten the automatic choke to work and ended up putting nt carb on it.
Overall I highly recommend this kit
Has plenty of power to climb hills without bogging down with my 200 pounds plus a bike trailer loaded with fishing gear.

BBR Tuning Sprocket Adapter Assembly

Quality merchandise with out a doubt. This iTuning sprocket is a way to get more sturdiness from the rear wheel. It's great but not actually absolutely necessary, the other way is just fine

Mark Matthews

Great quality and fast shipping.

Wendy Franks

Exactly what I ordered!! Great delivery time!!

Justin Nordling

Great product! Makes install a snap, compatible with virtually all rims, and many diffrent hub size. (Don’t forget to locktight all bolts ;-) I will put one on every build

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