BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 1)

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Tired of your engine not starting every time you need it to? Need a more consistent spark than that stock CDI's giving you? Increase your spark and finally fix the timing issue most CDI's have with the BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 1).

The reason most engines don't start each and every time is because of a weak and inconsistent spark. This CDI is designed to give you a strong enough spark to start every time you need to ride, and a consistent enough spark so there are no gaps in power.

These CDI's are also known to last a lot longer than your standard 2-stroke CDI. Most CDI's are small, all-in-one units that limit the electricity your coil gets. The BBR Tuning Volt Master Stage 1 High Performance Racing CDI has a stand-alone coil separate from the CDI unit to build up more strength to give you a bigger spark than you had with the stock unit.

With less room taken up by the coil, your CDI has a better timing system. That means your spark will quickly, efficiently, and it will work every time you fire up your engine. And that's just the tip of the performance iceberg! With a better performing CDI, you'll also get:

  • Increase your MPG
  • Increase your engine's top end speed
  • Increase your motor's mid range power
  • Increase your engine's bottom end torque
  • Better, more consistent idle speeds
  • Improved starting
  • Overall upgrade in reliability

Unlike other high performance units, these aren't just made for high performance racing engines. You don't need a sup'ed up engine to take advantage of this CDI. No matter what 2-stroke bicycle engine you have, you need a more consistent start or you're looking for a little boost in performance, the BBR Tuning Volt Master Stage 1 High Performance Racing CDI will give you and your motorized bike the results you've been looking for.

Package Includes:

  • Sealed BBR Tuning Volt Master Stage 1 CDI unit
  • Heavy Duty CDI Soil Supply Wires
  • High Performance Stand Alone Coil

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Customer Reviews

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Installation pending (reasons why)

Ok I'm sure this is a GREAT upgrade. My issues with the units
1.) The way you install it on your bike! There's no mounting brackets to secure it. Come on! ZIP TIES? I the stage 2 unit with the key. So how more secure is this with a key if you can yank it right off the bike. Furthermore I would like to see a secure bracket with shock resistant padding. Maybe you could sell that as an installation kit for those CDI units.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your feedback.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the pending installation. Our commitment is to address every customer concern to ensure great satisfaction with our products and services.

To better understand your concerns, could you please communicate with us for further assistance? Reach us directly at 1-800-317-0479 or email us at We are here to help!

Smoother start up!

This definitely helps with lower vibration and easy pedal start ups, easy installation

Tara Herrera

The first one I got didn't work but when I call them they was nice and sent me another one and that one work

Kristian King

It wasn't easy setup how to do some wire on station other than that it works beautifully and he's another four hundred miles out of the new one

Pedro Boehmer

BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 1)

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