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The center kickstand is the perfect replacement for the 26’’ frame kickstand. When in use, it lifts the bike from the ground. After getting folded down, the kickstand measures 12’’. The center stands are far better than the side stands, and it carries the maximum bike weight. The center stands work better on uneven and soft grounds. 

  • Adjustable: The kickstand of the bike can be easily adjusted to give the bike a stable position. The stand easily adapts according to the requirement. 

  • Great Support: The back wheel of the bike lifts off from the ground. 

  • Good for Soft and Uneven Surfaces: It takes away most of the bike’s weight and gives support even when you are riding on uneven and soft surfaces. 

If you are looking for a long-term storage solution, center stands are the best and highly recommended. If your bike is carrying a heavier weight than the center stands are considered a more feasible option. The center stand keeps managing the tires' weight as the tires are lifted above from the ground. 

The bike conveniently holds the bike, making it perfect for repairs. The bike is perfect for hybrid, commuter, and cruiser bikes. The stand is perfect for road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, or bikes with wide tires. The frame is made of a reliable, sturdy material that does not slip on sinking in the mud and wet surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Grant Thomas
Center kickstand

Must have, great quality easy install even on older bikes, love it!!

George Fitzgerald
Must have!

Awesome get one!

Joel Rice
Center stand

So I bought a friction drive motor for my bicycle and due to the weight of the motor my side kickstand seemed sketchy. So I ordered the center stand after some attempts to get the rear wheel off the ground, I found out reversing the kickstand helped. I also cut off about 1” off each leg. Bike feels secure now. I highly recommend buying this stand.


If you have a side stand or no kickstand, this product is awesome!
MUCH better quality than I had expected.
So much easier to work on the bike with the rear wheel off the ground so things can be spun including your pedals. I say it's a must have item

David Simmons
Great produst

This is a solid product and works well.

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