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Bicycle chain breakers, or you can even refer to them as chain splitters, are a must-have tool kit for any mechanic. Even if you are an amateur, with its help, you can easily split old chains by cutting them into short pieces and join different parts of the short-chain. Make the bicycle chain splitter a part of your bike tool kit!

  • Portable and Lightweight: You can carry the bicycle chain breaker even inside your pocket. It has a compact design and is super lightweight.

  • A Must-Have: Amateurs or professional mechanics, either way, you must have bicycle chain breakers.

  • Best for Emergency PurposesAs the bicycle chain breaker is lightweight, portable therefore you can carry it into your pocket for emergency needs. 

  • Adjust Old Chains: You can shorten, adjust and join old chains depending on the type of your requirement. 

The bicycle chain breaker is the perfect go-to tool for riders. Whether you want to elongate, shorten or join the cycle chain, the bicycle chain breaker lets you do anything with ease. A bicycle chain breaker is a favorite tool for all mechanics and amateurs alike. You don't necessarily need to be a professional to use the chain-breaker as the tool is quite easy to handle and affordable to have your own. 

Without a professional, the tool still does a superb job. This is essential for any mechanical toolkit, so you can split the chain, join and reduce the length of the old ones. We advise you always to keep one handy for emergency purposes.


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Customer Reviews

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jeremy nielsen
Could be a bit better.

Tool works ok but if the threaded pushing end was a bit longer it could be helpful to press the pins out all the way out or used to flip around and reassemble a link back in place.

Graylin Waters
When I ordered the chain breaker I was trying to get a break at four 415 chain but I end up getti...

When I ordered the chain breaker I was trying to get a break at four 415 chain but I end up getting shipped the regular break chain breaker bicycle

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