Clutch Plate/Wheel Nut Locking Screw

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The Clutch Plate/Wheel Nut Locking Screw helps keep the flower nut (or Clutch Wheel Nut) from becoming loose when engaging and disengaging your engine.

If your 2-stroke bike engine’s clutch is slipping or locking up on you, chances are your clutch is not engaging or disengaging the way it should. When you need to adjust the clutch plate, you’ll see a small screw next to the flower nut on the clutch plate. If you accidentally dropped it or it’s just not there, you’re not going to be able to adjust the clutch properly without it.

While most bike engine distributors have not even heard of this screw, we’ve made sure to make them available to you because we know how vital they are to your clutch system. And installation couldn’t be any easier:

  • Remove your clutch gear case cover and expose the clutch plate
  • In the center of the plate you’ll see the flower nut and the stock locking screw (or at least the screw port)
  • If the screw is there, remove it and loosen the flower nut to begin adjust the clutch. If it is missing, simply loosen the flower nut to begin adjusting the clutch
  • When you’re finished adjusting your clutch, install the flower nut and once it’s threaded on to the clutch pin, install the new locking screw

Screw Sizing:
Length- 8mm
Width- 4mm

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