Combo Brake and Clutch Lever

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The new Combo Brake and Clutch Lever handle features a combination of the clutch lever and the brake lever in one easy to use unit. Perfect for bicycles that come stock with two brake levers, this unit allows you to mount a clutch lever on the handle bar without sacrificing the second brake lever. It features a sleek and stylish design to match all bicycles.

How does it work?

Instead of using the 3 gear actuator for shifting, you simply use gears 1 and 2 to either have the clutch engaged (gear 1) and disengaged (gear 2). To disengage the clutch, you would push the thumb actuator and switch it to the 2nd gear position. Then to engage the engine, you push the finger trigger to shift from 2nd gear to 1st gear which engages the clutch. .

Some customers have found the distance traveled by the clutch arm between gear 1 and 2 to be lacking. The gear actuator can be modified internally to exclude the use of gear 2 and therefore the transition would be from gear 1 to 3, thus allowing for an additional length of pull on the clutch arm.

Package includes

Combo Brake and Clutch Lever

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Customer Reviews

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William Bello

Combo brake and clutch lever is much safer than separation which comes in the box from factory. I used that not so good to be separation. Few days later, I ordered a combo that very satisfaction.

Greg Davis
Only one hand

Thanks for this great product I can use the brake and the clutch with my left hand!

Thomas Sanchez

This works very well This works very well, surprisingly well. The unit itself is built very solid and allows me to engage and disengage the clutch with ease. It's basically like a trigger to get up and go. The brake lever works really well too. I put the engine kit on a Micargi Tahiti beach cruiser, and bought the front brake add-on from The brake add-on and this combo brake and clutch lever is the perfect match. I definitely recommend it!


if u got a 21 speed with disc brakes the way too go if u got a 21 speed with disc brakes....use this to engage an disengage the clutch

Christian Peterson

This is an all-around great product almost 5 stars but the threaded cable housing part is a little delicate

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