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For riders who want to be able to monitor their motorized bicycle’s speed, this Digital Speedometer is an absolute must. With a clear, backlit display, just mount this speedometer directly to your bicycle’s handlebars and you will be able to easily see what speed you are traveling at and more.
The display itself shows the KM/MPH you’re riding at, perfect for both monitoring the performance of your bike and staying within the speed limit of any track or road. It also offers a runtime display so you can easily monitor how long you’ve been riding to protect your motor, and a digital clock sees what time is it without taking your hands off your bike. No matter if you want to watch the maximum speed of your motorized bike or you want to see how fast those high-performance parts really make your bike engine, this Digital Speedometer is just what you need.

Styled to look like a motorbike speedometer, this digital speedometer is easy to install, mounting directly onto the handlebars.

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Rob Schlotterbeck

It seems accurate for my 26” bike, easy installation, but the screen could be a bit easier to see. I wanted to mount it flat on my triple tree head second but by doing it I couldn’t see the screen properly. You must mount it so you look at it straight on. The light only comes on when a button is pressed then stays on for a few seconds. I would suggest that it be powered by a 9 volt battery instead of a button cell. For the price, it’s good as is.

robert bloomquist
Digital speedometer

It would have been nice if I came with directions if you have some let me know thank you

Jack Enlow
Works well

The only problem I have is it would be nice if after dark it became back lit so I didn't have to press the button every time I wanted to see how fast I was going.

Robert Morea
Digital speedometer

I have it hooked up right but it say I'm doing 70 but I'm not even breaking 30 I know that to be a fact so I used it once and that was the end of that but it's not your fault bike berry I still love ya

Timothy Shearer

Came without instructions so I don’t know if it’s set up right and wish you could keep the light on at night but it’s a nice computer

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