Emojo 750W Breeze Pro Beach Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bike


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The Step-Thru Electric Bike is a great choice if you fancy a cool and comfortable motorized beach cruiser. It is loaded with awesome features such as Bafang 500-watt electric motor, sleek step-thru aluminum frame, rear cargo rack, balloon fat street tires, etc., to offer an optimal riding experience. Front suspension allows the wheel to soak impact and offers increased ride control and lower fatigue to the hands and shoulders.

  • Step-Thru Aluminum Frame: Get on and off the e-bike with ease with this step-through bike. It offers style and comfort with every ride.
  • Color-Matched Metal Fenders: The fenders not only shield you and your e-bike from grime, mud, and water sprays but also adds a sophisticated touch to the bike.
  • Powerful Hydraulic Brakes: They offer more precise braking because it has 2X the stopping power of the single-disc system.
  • Throttle Mode: Turn on the throttle mode with the push of a button when you need to travel long distances. You can ride without worrying about pedaling. This ensures a stress-free experience during your journey.

Emojo 750W Breeze Pro Beach Cruiser is great for leisure and discovering the beach. The high-quality components offer great quality and performance. This powerful electric beach bike comes with a color-matched metal fenders feature that keeps you and your electric bike clean.

The rear cargo rack lets the user carry the goods anywhere where he or she goes. The model comes equipped with Bafang 750-Watt DC Brushless Motor. It has a long life span and offers a high torque so that you can move to diverse locations speedily in style. 

The plush saddle offers extra comfort to the user. Balloon fat street tires offer good stability and comfort while cruising. Tektro disc brakes at the back and front ensure stopping the e-bike is a breeze. With the throttle mode, you do not need to worry about pedaling long distances. You can turn the motor on with a button every time you feel like riding.

Front and rear LED lights to provide increased visibility to the user in the dark. Digital LCD allows the user to see the remaining battery, total trip distance, maximum speed, and other details. High welding quality guarantees the uniformity of the product.

The lockout feature allows you to lock out the suspension as per the area you are heading to. 

A quick-release front wheel lets you remove and replace the wheels without tools. Regardless of the weather, Emojo 500W Breeze Pro Beach Cruiser won’t let you down.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-BREEZE-PRO

  • High-quality robotic welding

  • Plush saddle with spring-mounted suspension

  • Hydraulic brakes. 

  • Color-matched metal fenders

  • Top speed in throttle mode: 15.5mph.

  • 58 Lbs. net weight (includes battery)

  • Front and rear LED lights included

  • Digital LCD display

  • Rear cargo rack included

  • Quick-release front wheel

  • Rebound-lockable front suspension

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