Emojo 500W Lynx Pro Sport Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


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The lynx Pro Sport has been equipped with fat tires that can take you through all kinds of terrains without letting you feel anything. The bike has been equipped with a standard LCD, which shows important details like 5 PAS levels, odometer, speedometer, trip time; you can make advanced settings through the LCD. The foldable frame allows easy carrying of the bicycle.

  • High-Stopping Power: With an incredible stopping power, you can stop the bike with very less force. With very little hand strength, you can avoid muscle fatigue.

  • Shimano 7-Speed: The Shimano 7-speed gives smooth, light, and reliable shifting performance.

  • 4.0R 20 Kenda: The Kenda tires offer great rolling resistance and provide great traction. With the tires, you do not have to worry about tires getting worn too fast.

  • Great Battery Power: The bike withdraws power from lithium-ion batteries, taking the bike up to 30 miles range per charge.

The EMojo electric bike has a foldable frame, so you carry the bike mounted at your vehicle's back and carry it to your favorite destination. Carry the bike inside public transport without worrying about the space restraints. The foldable frame is composed of a reliable alloy that withstands shocks and is rigid enough to pass through them smoothly.

Powered by a torquey 48V 500-Watt electric motor, which provides an instant boost to the bike to tackle steep uphills. The bike goes up to a maximum speed of 20MPH, which makes you reach your destination quickly. The lithium batteries take about 4 to 6 hours to get completely charged. The lithium-ion batteries are uber light and do not add unnecessary weight to it.

You can ride at the bike’s top speed without worrying about your safety as the bike has been equipped with Tektro disc brakes which offer high-stopping power. The brakes can instantaneously stop the bike in a fraction of seconds without the need to put much pressure on the lever. With very less force, your muscles won’t feel tired.

The Shimano, you get a 7-speed option to take on all the terrains, ride steep hills or go down the slopes very carefully. With better control over the bike, you can ride through anything with the utmost comfort.

Riding through bumps and jerks won't be an unpleasant experience with the Kenda fat tires as they mute the impact. The Kenda tires offer great traction and low rolling resistance for a smooth, agile, and quick handling.

With the LCD installed at the front, you can check on the important statistics like speed, distance, riding mode, etc. To enhance the riding performance, you can choose from different levels of pedal assist.



  • Motor type: DC Brushless

  • Motor power: 500W

  • Rated Voltage: 48 V

  • Maximum speed: 20MPH

  • Battery range: 30Miles

  • Battery charging time: 4 - 6hours

  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion

  • Battery capacity: 48V/10.4Ah

  • Dimensions (inch): 67L x 24 W x 45 H

  • Dimensions folded: 39L x 18 W x 26H

  • Frame: Aluminum-foldable

  • Max. user weight: 230 lbs

  • Vehicle weight: 55 lbs (with battery)

  • Transmission type: Shimano 7-Speed

  • Front brake type: Tektro-Disc

  • Rear brake type: Tektro-Disc

  • Tire size: 4.0R 20 Kenda

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