Eunorau 1000W 48V Scooter Jumbo Electric Bike

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Are you finding the fastest and high-performance electric bike scooter to roam around your narrow city streets or take long tours? The Eunorau Jumbo is a cross-breed between e-scooter and e-bike, which comes with outstanding features like Al Alloy baking varnish, direct-drive motor, long-lasting Lithium Battery, anti-lock braking system. 

  • 48V15.6Ah Lithium Battery: Jumbo has a lithium-ion battery that needs minimal maintenance. So, you can freely travel for long distances on a single charge.
  • TEKTRO Disc Brake+E-ABS: It comes equipped with an anti-lock braking system that prevents wheels from locking up during hard braking and offers high control in emergencies. Disc brakes offer high stopping power on long descents. 
  • Al Alloy Baking Varnish: The electric Jumbo has an aluminum alloy frame with a baking varnish that offers high corrosion resistance. It makes the e-vehicle perfect for heavy-duty use.
  • 48V 1000W Direct Drive Motor: The powerful motor is integrated into the frame for high torque. It helps the user run the vehicle easily and smoothly at high speed through the traffic with a heavy load.

Enjoy leisure rides or everyday commute in relaxation with our heavy-duty e-vehicle. You can use it on busy roads to reach your desired destination speedily. It is available in an eye-catchy orange finish. The fat tires and rugged frame allow the user to easily maneuver on various surfaces – dirt paths, down roads, stone pavements, etc. 

Jumbo is not just elegant but designed ergonomically for high stability and smoothest ride. The sleek design and Al Alloy Baking Varnish will surely turn heads. This fast scooter e-bike depends on a direct drive motor that offers high torque directly to the wheels and makes it easier for the user to get going from a stop. This feature is much more effective when getting up the steep hills. 

The safety of e-bikers is increased through disc braking and an anti-lock braking system. E-ABS in the front wheel reduces brake pressure automatically during critical situations and ensures stable braking by making the wheel lock-up less likely. TEKTRO Disc brake provides great stopping power, which is beneficial for long descents. 

This high-quality electric Jumbo is designed to last and is the perfect choice for adults, students, city dwellers, and working people. It meets the needs of a specific set of riders. It is equipped with a 3A charger that lets you fully charge the e-bike scooter in minimal time. This fully-featured electric Jumbo has a throttle feature so that the user can drive the Jumbo to any place with minimal effort and heavy load. Besides this, electric Jumbo is an eco-friendly alternative to cars due to the zero greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Motor: 48V1000W Direct Drive motor
  • Battery: 48V15.6Ah Lithium battery
  • Charge time: 4-5 hours with 3A charger
  • Frame: Al Alloy baking varnish
  • Tires: F:24*3.0,R:20*3.0
  • Brakes: TEKTRO Disc brake+E-ABS
  • Max Speed: 45Km/h
  • Range Per Charge: 30KM~40KM
  • Load capacity: 110kg
  • Net weight: 36.5 KGS
  • Gross weight: 37.5 KGS
  • Dimension: 1900*1500*200mm
  • Foldable: NO
  • Packing size: 1500*1200*200mm
  • With the saddle: N0

EUNORAU has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised EUNORAU ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components

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