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Featuring a sleek black design and banana style shape, the 2-Stroke Black Expansion Chamber is not just stylish but built for speed. Engineered to enhance engine function, the expansion chamber uses volumetric efficiency to promote optimal engine output. The result is an engine that not only goes faster but improves the way the cylinder fills for the next cycle. So whether you are looking to go faster or improve your engine's compression, the 2-Stroke Black Expansion Chamber has you covered.

The Expansion Chamber enhances a 2-stroke engine's power output by expanding the volumetric efficiency. It also provides a boost in the top end speed as well as improving the use of the leftover energy from the burnt exhaust exiting the cylinder. This helps aid the filling of the cylinder for the next cycle.

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Good buy. bikeberry is the only place I will get my expansion chamber

William McLemore
Great after I fixed it.

Obviously at the factory one ear of the mounting flange was bent inward about twelve degrees. Absence of any mark on the paint or the bag it was sealed in, or the box it was shipped in. Shows it was bent at the factory and I do not feel reflects badly on Bikeberry. I sent pics to show this to Bikeberry.
After I straightened it and got it mounted, it increased ground clearance. And my .38cc BBR Tuning went from a top speed of 42 mph to an easy 50 mph. I it started much easier. It took off from a stop with more torque and a more responsive throttle. It has paired well with the Boost Bottle Induction offered by Bikeberry. This has turned out to be a fast bike that looks pretty cool as well.

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