Expansion Chamber with Muffler - Chrome

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This Expansion Chamber with Muffler will enhance your power output by expanding the volumetric efficiency 2-stroke bike engine. In addition to adding a boost in the top end speed, this muffler improves the use of any left over energy from the burnt exhaust exiting the cylinder. This helps aid the filling of the cylinder for the next cycle, and all is done with a muffler to stifle the sound of the exhaust.

Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

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Miner Dan

Works like a champ Bolted right up to my 66cc and smoothed out the feel through out the entire power band. As always the fellas at Bike Berry were awesome! Oh yeah so was their pooch Sprocket!


Glad I bought one I popped this on a stock 66cc, and got instant results. Better low end and a cleaner high end. Glad I got this one :)


Quieter than I thought but totally worth the buy. ! I was scared after buying it thinking it might not clear the pedal crank but Ironically it fit way better than the stock pipes and I have just your typical straight V frame shape mountain bike that the kits are designed for....but all in all its a great pipe if you want something that will fit, look awesome and run quiet.


not bad It took a couple pie cuts and some bending and welding to get it to fit properly, but it looks and sounds good:)


some modification required When I bought this I thought it would fit easier than it did. I had to fit it in a jig and heat and bend it because it had no bends whatsoever and it was directed into the frame.After doing that it directs the exhaust directly toward the pedal crank. I have a cruiser type bicycle.

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