F-Zero Motorized Bike + BBR Tuning 2-Stroke Stage 4 Performance Engine


Color: Black
Engine Color: Silver
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Tim Summit
I'm still waiting for the motor

The gas tank leaks, but I love the bike.it is sweet.

Adam Meehan
This bike is so spiffy

Everything about this bike is great it arrived very fast it was secured in its packaging no fault of their own one of the brake calipers was broken the arm of the brake caliper for the rear was snapped in transit and minor chipping on one of the mag wheels but again not their fault I got the brushed aluminum frame and it was flawless. I love that it comes with a maxxis hookworms they're the exact same tires I got on my other Rider. Got a killer alarm boopblewp gangster style 8P 20 bucks for a 2 pack for me and my bud. But this bike is definitely a head turner slap my engine 48mm sleeved 8) in and rode off into the sunset an hour later good to go! The only thing I will say is get your pedal sprocket in advance the one on it is very difficult to pedal because of its size I'm 150 lb and definitely needed a smaller chain ring sprocket. That's aboot it. I also upgraded the mechanical calipers to hydraulic mechanical calipers. And got grenade valve stem caps that's a tuner secret right there gives you an extra quarter of a horsepower off the line!!! >.< Oh yes the seat it sucks there is zero pad it is an eighth of an inch of foam to a hard rubber hong on yer kong! I just threw my other seat on there I may actually buy the post to set the seat a few inches back I have not decided yet but I am quite content with my setup go go gadget adam.... Weeeeeeeeeeeeee ...my setup hauls but isn't pushing hard or maxing it at the same time. Like I said just perfect and smooth!

Cool bike

The cons: my seat post didnt fit in the frame. The steerer tube is cut too short to do anything other than the little handlebars it came with.

Pros: The bike is sick. It's loud and cool looking, and is a ton of fun to ride. The brakes are not to brag about but if you tune them they're pretty good. My setup was not far from stock and really woke the bike up.

anonymous customer

Engine looks great just don't have a bike to put it on I was sent the wrong color bike n have sent it back 2 weeks ago and still haven't received my brushed aluminum bike that i ordered today i received a gas petcock n email said i got thd shole order again NOT!!! WHERE'S MY BRUSHED ALUMINUM BIKE????

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