Fiido 250W D4S Folding Electric Bike


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Color: Black
Sale price$799

Motor Size:

250 Watt


36V 10.4ah

Drive Mode:

Class II: Throttle Pedal Assist

Frame Type:

Aluminum Alloy Step Over

Wheel Size:

20" x 1.75"

Motor Position:

Rear Hub

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According to reviews and consumer ratings, the Fiido 250W D4S Folding Electric Bike was voted the best folding e-bike of the last two years. This foldable unit is ideal for commuters, students, and urban explorers due to its inexpensive pricing and 40-plus mile range. With thinner 20 x 1.75-inch tires than the M1 Pro, the D4S is more suited for urban riding. This electric bike from Fiido features three ride modes for adjusting the amount of pedal assist. This bike is a foldable city cruiser with a 275-pound carrying capacity and a 250-watt motor. It has the potential to fold into a small dimension. This 45-pound ebike is ideal for office or classroom storage and is easy to lift, steer, and navigate on the road! This e-bike also has fenders that protect the rider from getting splashed by water when riding in wet weather.

Strong 250W Hub Motor

The Fiido 250W D4S Folding Electric Bike is equipped with a 36-volt, 250-watt electric motor. The strong motor is housed in the hub of the back wheel, transmitting torque straight to the ground. The Fiido 250W D4S is suitable for commuting and short getaways. This affordable D4S Folding Electric Bike has a gorgeous frame and 20-inch spoked wheels, making it small and easy to maneuver in busy areas. The bicycle is equipped with a front LED light and fenders for splash protection.

High-Power Lithium Battery

With Fiido's advanced lithium battery technology, the 18650 power lithium battery with a voltage of 36V and a capacity of 10.4Ah can convert energy with an efficiency of 85%. This gives the electric moped mode a solid basis for a range of up to 80 KM. The bike has a 7.8 amp-hour battery pack and can go up to 49.7 miles. This gives it a more extended range than its competitors. The battery pack is small and cleverly hidden inside the frame, so the bike looks powered by pedals. It only takes five hours to charge fully.

Effortless Riding With 20-Inch Tire

The 20-inch pneumatic tire is resistant to wear and doesn't slip. Its width is 1.75 inches, even though the bike is small, which makes it very easy to ride on rough roads. The bike has mechanical disc brakes on the front and back, which makes it easier to stop. It's easy to ride over bumps and curbs because it has an electric motor. The Fiido D4S Pro Electric Bike is excellent for getting to work and moving daily around town.

3 Modes Switch

The Fiido 250W D4S Folding Bike has electric, pedal, and assist modes. This is the automated changeover between the electric and power-assisted modes. When you step on the accelerator, the pedal will immediately switch to electric mode. If you don't step on the accelerator, the pedal will stay in electric mode.

Foldable to Fit Any Scenario

The Fiido 250W D4S Folding Electric Bike is also the greatest folding for a variety of uses. Imagine being able to fold and unfold an e-bike in roughly 10 seconds. In actuality, the D4S folding is the bike that provides this convenience. It is absolutely stress-free whether it is placed in the trunk of a car, the subway, or a bus


Model: Fiido D4s
Voltage: 36V
Battery: 10.4Ah
Battery Cycle Times : 800 times
Moped mode range: 80km
Frame material: Aluminium alloy
Max load: 120kg
Net weight : 18.5kg(with battery)
Tire size: 20”*1.75 inch
Ebike size: 1530mm*580mm*1100mm
Folding size: 850mm*450mm*640mm
Charging time: 7 hours

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