Flying Horse Lock & Load Friction Drive Mounting Assembly Only


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With this Friction Drive kit you can take that Huasheng 142F or 140FA engine and mount your engine behind you to give you more room in the center of your frame. Comes with everything you need to mount and run your 4-stroke engine.

Package Includes:

  1. Friction Drive Mounting Plate

  2. Bicycle Mounting Kit w/ Hardware

  3. Throttle Grip Handles

  4. Kill switch

  5. Throttle Cable

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Gaynor
38cc lock load friction drive

clutch cover on roller shaft installed on wrong side of mounting bracket; roller shaft missing one of 4 bearing snap rings; appears to be missing a spline or "wedge" in roller shaft, i could be wrong about that. missing 4bolts to mount motor to mounting bracket; missing black circular sleeve thing that installs over clutch ; did not get 4 nuts bolts washers to attach motor to bracket.However , did get 3 inch by 3 by 1inch aluminum block and 4 hex head mounting bolts Not in assembly video, but may be correct piece to go over clutch , instead of black circular sleeve part. recieved email that you are replacing bracket. hence, not up and running quite yet. it seems that parts bag i got may have been for a different unit. well thanx for your concern aand have a good day. will probably go with a 2 stroker next time.

Mike Beishline
First of two friction kits

Despite missing parts, the staff at Bikeberry support has been great in their prompt response to sending those parts, something I couldn’t get with Walmart. You get what you pay for! These folks at Bikeberry are the best! I continue to purchase accessories too! I rode my first kit and it performed as I expected after minor adjustments, now I started on my wife’s bike and am more confident/experienced!

Patrick Hutzell
Excellent customer service

Had a defective bell housing rotor.
Customer support verified through my photos and shipped out a new one immediately at no cost.

Bobby Dixon

Mr Dixon I Like The Flying Horse Lock & Load Friction Drive
Mounting . I Hope My 2 Other Friend Buy One, Thank You
Mr Dixon

Steve Hartman
Description not accurate

The kit included the mounting bars that attach to the back tire studs. Pictures did not include the bars and when I did the online chat I specifically asked the question. I was told the kit did not include them, so I purchased the bars. When the kit arrived, I had an extra set. Luckily I did buy them, because the bars were about an inch too short to mount the kit on my 26” cruiser ( Sun Boardwalk). I had modify one set by cutting the extra set down and mounting them together to provide an extension. Additionally, the drive housing was much wider than the studs which made the bars angle to much to provide a good grasp. So, I used my vise to make an S bend in the bars to align correctly. Also, shims for the locking clasp on main housing are too wide, or the bolts too small to make a good connection with the adjusting screws. Replaced shim on engine with multiple stacked washers. Aside from those aspects, the kit was relatively easy to attach and adjust. It is paired with a 39cc four stroke and propels the bike along at a very fast pedal pace. The friction drive does seem to eat up some rubber which is to be expected.

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