BBR Tuning 49cc 5G Lock-N-Load Friction Drive Bicycle Engine Kit- 4-Stroke


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Jesse Saucedo

It a real good motor kit real easy to put together. Only had one problem is the hole I drilled out for throttle the little pin that goes in hole that keeps it from moving it fell out when putting it together. Now I need a new one wich I'm not sure how only because it had broke while putting together haven't even road it yet

Salvatore Pugliese
5G Friction Drive Engine Kit

This is my 3rd 5G kit . The 1st engine kit and bike I got about 2000 miles and the bike it was on I rode into the ground . The 2nd engine kit I got just over 3000 miles on it and still in good condition with many miles left too go . I am homeless and live in a patch of woods in Brooksville Florida where I had my motorized bike tethered by a 6 foot Master Cable Lock , locked around 2 , 8 inch oak tree's . Someone went into my camp and sawed down the 2 oak tree's and stole my bike . Now for me this is my 3rd build for myself , I have had friends purchase friction drive engine kits and have built a total of 11 friction drive bikes in several variations , my bikes with nothing but heavy duty parts from tire's to seat . Bikeberry has had all the parts and accessories I have ever needed to build my bike's and all at a very reasonable price's . 5G Friction Drive Engine Kits are my main transportation that's how I know how many miles I have gone on my bike's plus a very accurate Digital Speedometer . Once installed correctly and treated easy the engine kits will last for years properly maintained . My bike that was stollen I had from 2015 to 2021 and still had plenty of miles to go , 6 year's and I rode it every day because my driver's license was revoked in 2010 . Friction Drive Kits are a great value and inexpensive compared to all other non license transportation . I rate Bikeberry Engine Kits as a Great Value and Fast Delivery . I Love 5G Kits.

Anthony Backus

This is a good kit and works well when installed. Did not give 5 stars because some nuts and bolts were missing and digital installation instructions were not included


Gas tank had a small dent. No instructions you advertise it came with. Good old U TUBE. clutch always ingaged. I shimmed it out with four washers and now its working fine. Bike Berry is a little more money but you know they dont sell junk.

Jonny Williams

Very poor

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