Flying Horse Complete 5G 4-Stroke Bicycle Engine Transmission Kit

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Don’t let the name fool you: these parts are from Flying Horse, but they fit a wide range of 4-stroke engines, including the Grubee 4-stroke engine and nearly all Huasheng 142F 4-stroke bicycle engine kits. As long as you have a 4x bolt pattern for your transmission and a 3” bell rotor configuration, you’re ready to ride.

Killswitch broken? This kit’s got an entire standard throttle grip (grip color varies) and kill switch assembly with a throttle cable. Is your bike not riding the way it used to? This kit comes with everything you need to rebuild your drivetrain, from a brand new transmission and 44 tooth sprocket, to a sprocket clamp assembly, idler, and chain. And if you’re tired of that little black, plastic exhaust pipe whining when your ride, this kit includes a brand new 4-stroke muffler.

On top of all that, there’s also a wide crank set included so you can finally start pedaling your 4-stroke motorized bike instead of keeping your pedals stuck behind your engine. Don’t forget about the basics: you’ll need the included mounting bracket to mount the engine to the bike, and a new gas tank to swap out with that old dinged up one.

Whether you’re trying to rebuild your 4-stroke motorized bike, or you have a 4-stroke lying around you want to get back on the road, with the Flying Horse Complete 5G 4-Stroke Bicycle Engine Transmission Kit you’re back in business.

Flying Horse Complete 5G Transmission Kit Includes:

  • 4-Stroke 5G Dual Chain Transmission
  • Wide Crank Assembly (bottom bracket not included)
  • 4-Stroke Mounting Plate
  • *Exclusive* 4-stroke Throttle Grip and Killswitch set
  • 415 Heavy Duty Chain
  • 44 Tooth Sprocket and Sprocket Clamp Assembly
  • Black 1.5L Fuel Tank w/ Fuel Valve and Fuel line
  • Chain Idler w/ Bearing Wheel
  • Black Chain Guard
  • Compatible with Huasheng 142F 4-Stroke Engine Kits, including the Flying Horse 5G engine kit and the Grubee 4-stroke engine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David Nimer

The crank shaft is pictured but not included. The company will not make good.

Terry Alfrey

Clutch bell shaft was too long and interfered with installation , once that was resolved it works fine . I would like to be able to get a larger output sprocket .

David Foy

I like the bike motor .It works great , My bicycle is a Schwinn Adult Tricycle .

5 star if not for the minor customizations.

5 star if not for the minor customization to chain tensioner and I added some some extra bolts to the engine mount. Had a slight twist when throttling which caused the chain to jump from the sprocket. So I added a couple brackets. 1 engine mount bolt broke during install but with my add ONS it's solid as a friggin rock!
Throttle grip could be upgraded. Kinda cheep. Overall I'm totally happy with my purchase.

-ill add some pictures of my "add ons" that keep this pony in place tomorrow.
(Que suspenseful music).....

David lofink

Have not installed it yet but likes cool

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